The March For Life is an annual demonstration advocating leaders of congress to implement polices that protect and preserve life from start to finish. The Catholic Church traditionally sponsors interested youth to go on the trip with qualified adults chaperones each year at this time.

  The experience includes seeing the sights of Washington D.C. and meeting with congressional leaders to express our views. We also make arrangements to worship and pray with other Catholics  at the Basilica Of the Immaculate Conception. Please call Dave Heimann @ 1(773)-307-3719 or go to www.releventradio.com for more information on this and other events. GOD BLESS YOU!!



 This is a good summary in light the troubles in the Midlle East and the murder of Catholics there putting out the good word to the people. Here is some of  the writing that I wanted to share with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

  ‘Ask, am I a generous giver? Or am I selfish with my time, talents, or time? St. Paul says in Cor. 9-6 “whoever sow sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will reap bountifully.”

  What is St.Paul talking about? Do we sow love bountifully? Do we see Christ in  each person we meet? Can we see Jesus in the poor homeless person as in the wealthy businessman? It was the self sacrificing love of Christ that saved the world? I believe that it is though giving away all the gifts God has given to us in love and mercy that we sow bountifully and generously in 2011.  In this writer’s opinion, well put Deacon and I agree with you.