The USDA with the push of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Group  spreading the word about farm  conservation bills. Good for them. The American Farmer is important for our nation and  part of the backbone of who we are. We can’t forget them and how important the family farm is to our country!  Just as T.R. felt and acted  on in his time!  see the story here.


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  1. The link for this is really http://www.trcp.org/ You will find it there. Sorry about that. Happy reading. Thanks for visiting!

    Robert L. Jones

  2. i am addicted to farmville

    • Dear friends-

      Glad you like the pages. See the latest post written about from the Glenn Beck Show. The 8-28 Movement. SOCIALISTS AT WORK IN AMERICA! Ask? Do I want Obama to do this? Look who’s helping him out?

      Robert JonesHumble webmaster.

  3. Dear friends-

    Upgrading the system. Still here. Will have more news stories and fun facts from a Catholic input coming soon. Don’t forget the January PRO-LIFE MARCH IN WASHINGTON D.C. Catholic news Relevant Radio at

    Robert Jones

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