United States Supreme Court Candidate Kagan has been getting blasted on her stand on abortion  issues  and not answering any questions on the issues. Question is how would she do on the bench and her position on abortion  in general.

  In this writer’s opinion, I agree with the group Americans United For Life. She is strong Pro-abortion including partial Birth and would push policy instead of following the rules of laws and the constitution.

  Would she over turn the partial birth law just to be in good light with  Obama?  (That is,  bringing baby into the world and then killing him or her. ) That would have to be seen if she gets in with the other Liberals on the bench. Sorry for being so brash. That is what we are up against here.  In the  weeks ahead, ANSWER THE QUESTION? ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF ABORTION? WOULD YOU OVER TURN PARTICAL BIRTH OR IN FAVOR OF?  WHAT EXPERIENCE IN LAW DO YOU HAVE IF ANY?

  It is in question if she has any experience to do the job. Having  a paper-thin background.  I mean thin as a thin crust pizza! She would use the post to push policy instead of following the rules of law  just to be in good light and favors  due in return for the job.

   Kagan would not be a good choice for the court and would ask you to call on your senator and tell them to vote NO on Kagan and NO to abortion of any kind! She would be  dangerous  as a court judge! In My opinion as a Catholic!

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