Sister Ann Shields  Correspondent Of  The Catholic Diocese Of Illinois.

   Good news story that I believe hits home in these tough times we face. Sister Shields make a very good point for all of us. In this writer’s opinion.  Hope you enjoy this as I did reading it.  God Bless………….

  This is  a  good moment to look at the issues of faith in Christ. Times are very difficult in our country right now. People are losing their homes and jobs. Fear is rampant. When everything is out of control, what can you do?

   First, open your Bible to the Gospel Of Mark and read Chapter 5 verse 21-43, out loud. do this now before you continue reading this article. Keep the Bible next to you. Remember that the word inside is living and active, shaper than any two edged sword. It has the power to separate bone from marrow. (Hebrews4-12) In other words, it has the power to reach inside of you touch your spirit and help you see truth more clearly than you ever have before. 

   God’s word has the power to change your life. Because it is easy to become distracted, I want your eyes and your ears to take in words so that the life-giving power of it can penetrate beyond a superficial understandings. Approach this passage with much faith as you have no matter how little it may be.

 you’ll notice that the passage contains two stories both teach us a lot about our faith and perseverance.

   Let take a look at the first story. Jesus has been ministering to great crowds of people., calling  out demons and healing the sick. Ask yourself this question? ‘ What would I done under similar circumstances? Then ask the lord to increase your faith in him. Pay attention here; note the scripture says Jesus says to her, “Daughter your faith has saved you.” Jesus listens to us in the same way. God is never put off by our sins and failing if we are repentant. Never let anything hold you back from bringing your needs to him.

   As you think about these two stories of healing and resurrection, think about what lessons they have  for you? Where are you weak? Can you humbly and honestly place weakness before Jesus and ask him to increase your faith? Ask for a faith that can burn steadily no matter  the seemingly insurmountable obstacles: work, family, health crises. Trust in his love and “Do not be afraid. ”


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