WOW. Here’s an interesting news story my friend Scott gave to me from the Global Research (www.globalresearch.ca   about micro chips in people to track them and other thing by the government. This in the Health Care Bill Or OBAMA CARE.  True or not? You make that call. If so, violation of ones rights!

 The government will establish a National Medical Device. What doses this mean?  lets get this out of the way first on what this is about. Then details on this infomation.

National Medical Device Registry from H.R. 3200 healthCare Bill (g) (i) The secretary shall establish a national medical device to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcome has been used in or on a patient. (B) and is (i) a class III device implanted, life supporting, or life sustaining. ( IN  OTHER WORDS, TRACKING OF WHERE YOU GO AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS! U.S.S.R. STYLE? YOU MAKE THE CALL? )


  Highlights of the bill with micro chipping as follows: Approved by the FDA, a class 11 implantable device is an implantable patient identification and health information . The purpose of a class II device such as claims data patient survey data standard analytic files that allows disparate environments, health records, and any other data be used or seen.

  This new law when fully implemented provides the framework for the making the world to require each and everyone to have implanted a rfid microchips for the purpose of controlling who is ans not allowed medical care. see Health Care Bill 3200 http://waysandman.house.gove/media/pdf/11

Pages 1001 -1008  national Medical Device Registry Section.

Pages 1006 to be enacted within 36 months after passage.

Page 503 – medical device surveillance.

#WHY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT USE THE WORD SURVEILLANCE WHEN  REFERRING TO CITIZENS? Monitoring the behavior, activities, or changes information and manner?

  To read more on this, see the Global Research web page at www. globalresearch.ca for more information on this. And Micochipping under ObamaCare at http://www.dailypaul.com/node/105079  Scary stuff that I wanted to share. Wouldn’t put pass the current administration to do something such as this for control reasons of Americans.  HAIL RUSSIA! Not!!!!





    As reported on Fox News, AZ Governor Jan Brewer signed a law today that will question people stopped about who they are and if they are illegal to be in America.

    Crime is out of control over the boarder and needs to be addressed. The administration in turn is against this as picking on illegals and Civil Rights laws he claims to be violated.

    This writer agrees with Governor Brewer. What do we have here? Drug fighting in Mexico spilling over the boarder, crime, and deaths of Americans. Since these people are illegal, they have no Civil Rights and should there for be put under strict punishment of our laws!

    Washington isn’t doing anything to address this. Just sit on their hands as always. Mexico is in bed with the drug dealers.The governor and general assembly in that state has rights to address this problem and end it. Called State Rights.

    Ending crime coming in and even wrose, Terrorism that can sneak in and cause damage. We have to get a jump to this before its too late to do something. Those who are caught should be put under the full force of the laws in America. We also need a fence and better boarder protections.

    Export the illegals who come here and arrest the criminals. If someone is here, has heir Green card, background check, learns English and to be a good American citizen, then that is differant.

    Looking at the boarder control problems of the past however, its to be seen if the police departments can do their jobs without fear of losing their jobs under pressure from the White House who continues to be weak on terrorism! Lets hope not here. See the story at http://www.foxnews.com

    Robert L. Jones

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