Here is an interesting page I found regarding the heros of the South during the American Civil War. Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and Stonewall Jackson. Robert L. Lee’s birthday is January 18th. As a history expert,  I do respect him and one should see the movie ‘GETTYSBURG’  If  you go for history as I do.

   I was reading the Chicago Tribune  today  ( 04-11-10 edition ) and came across a page story called ‘Confederate Day A Racist Pass’ written by Clarence Page.  I respect Mr. page and he is entitled to his opinion regarding GA. State and having a Confederate patriot Day there.  Is this racist or being  Americans?

  The thing here is in respect to Mr. Page is that Confederate Day is a chance to be proud of ones root as a person of the South. Hard workers, gentleman farmers, and God-fearing people. Many of our products come from the South. Corn, cotton,  soy bean, and tobacco products. In short, if we didn’t have farms, there would be not products and higher prices to have stuff shipped in from other countries! Our great nation was founded by tobacco and the Spirit Of 1776!

  Many of the founders came  from there. Thomas Jefferson hail from there for example. Later others such as Bill Clinton,  Jimmy Carter ( who I respect for his post years out of the White House), pass  Sen. Richard Russell from GA. State, Writer Mark Twain, and Elvis !  That is what this is about. Not racism but history.

   Many people go the areas of the South as its rich in history. New Orleans, South and North Carolinas, and Florida for example. Home of  birth of jazz and the The War Of 1812  Vs. the French and Andrew Jackson.  As dose Wasington D.C. and its many sites worth visiting.

  Finally, if  we may have a month for minorities, I feel that GA. State should be able to do so also in the month of April and May. Not for only their own pride but being American and the freedom of speech in the Constitution Of The United States! Proud of being AMERICANS . That is history like it or not!



CONFEDERATE AMERICAN PRIDE for more on this and the Chicago Tribune at:







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  1. Dear friends-

    Talking about Rights And Americans, Sarah Palin, according to the Washington Post, is stumping for conservative Democrats as well as her felllow Republicans! This in light of the same values as lower the debt, ending the crazy spending by the Libs in congress, and violations of the U.S. Constitution. Otherwords, ending of Socialism by the administration! That is correct, you read it here. ENDING SOCIALISM! Taking back America by the people and the constitution!

    In this writer’s opinion, good for her! Time to rein in of wasteful government control and an ‘I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ATITUDE! Remember this in November and use the vote over violents! As a conservative Democrat, I am doing the same for Republicans running or Tea Party people on this end! Good for her! PUT AMERICA FIRST as Sen. Lieberman said! Mine being ABORTION.

    See the story here @



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