Interesting story I found on the V.F.W. Weekly. This writer agrees  strongly.  We should address this matter not sweep it under the rug as this president wants to do or censor opinions of those who are concerned about our great nation and where its going! If  a policy that is needed to be addressed or religious ideas.

 From ‘V.F.W. WEEKLY’  For 04-2010 Week

   A Mc’ Clatchy- Ipsos poll taken in October 2009 show that 66% of Americans believe Iran is s serious threat to the U.S. As two experts wrote in the Wall Street Journal, ‘Iran a supporter of terrorism now developing the capacity to fire nuclear-tipped missiles, may pose the greatest threat to global stability and American security.’  

  The U.S. State Department has designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism since 1984. ‘Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism and those who cause terrorism.

   V.F.W RES 409 support The Global War On Terrorist-calls for’ decisive action in the war on terrorism by staying on the offensive against international terrorist organization and groups as well as rouge or outlaw states guilty of inciting , harboring, aiding, and abetting terrorist.’


  On another front, Sen. Lieberman (ID) , wants the senate to take action on stronger measures regarding rail travel and transportation in light of what happened in a Russia subway system.  This writer again agrees  with Sen Lieberman and should add that we have to be careful of who comes here and why they are here in the first place!

   We have to make it more difficult to receive a Social Security card for work unless we have a background check on the person. The same apples  to getting a driver’s licence that may also used to board an airplane or railway travel. Tests in English only and tough tests for driving a car!  We also have to guard the Atomic plants, chemical, and gas refiner from a terrorist attack! We need more who are on the ball as is Sen. Lieberman.


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