From Marjorie Dannenfelser Susan B. Anthony List President and correspondent.

  I know you may still be recovering from the disappointment of the passage of the pro-abortion health care reform. Some  pro-life  Democrats decision to accept President Obama’s meaningless executive order was heartbreaking and the SBA List has vowed to see pro-life leaders elected in those districts at the midterm elections.

  Laws save lives! An  Legislative solution has come about! Congressman Joe Pitts ‘PROTECT LIFE ACT H. B. 5111! The order signed by Obama does nothing to stop tax dollars to be used for abortion! Here is some facts:

— The order will not hold up in court as stated by the United States Catholic Bishops. The statutory mandate construed by the courts would override any executive order and the funding of abortion.

–The healthcare bill directly appropriates nearly $11 billion in taxpayer fund for co-ops and high risk insurance pools which are unregulated by the executive order and allows for taxpayers money for abortion.  Requires people and health insurance plans to be covered by this.

  Please contact your member of congress and ask them to support the  Protect Life Act of Congressman Pitt! Bill 5111! (See the S.B.A. Web page at www.sba-list.org. ) CONGRESS.ORG AT www.congress.org today!

   In this writer’s opinion, thank your congressperson too if he or she voted NO to Obama Care! Hopefully the people will speak and congress will overturn this Socialist bill!





  WOW. Here’s an interesting news story my friend Scott gave to me from the Global Research (www.globalresearch.ca   about micro chips in people to track them and other thing by the government. This in the Health Care Bill Or OBAMA CARE.  True or not? You make that call. If so, violation of ones rights!

 The government will establish a National Medical Device. What doses this mean?  lets get this out of the way first on what this is about. Then details on this infomation.

National Medical Device Registry from H.R. 3200 healthCare Bill (g) (i) The secretary shall establish a national medical device to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcome has been used in or on a patient. (B) and is (i) a class III device implanted, life supporting, or life sustaining. ( IN  OTHER WORDS, TRACKING OF WHERE YOU GO AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS! U.S.S.R. STYLE? YOU MAKE THE CALL? )


  Highlights of the bill with micro chipping as follows: Approved by the FDA, a class 11 implantable device is an implantable patient identification and health information . The purpose of a class II device such as claims data patient survey data standard analytic files that allows disparate environments, health records, and any other data be used or seen.

  This new law when fully implemented provides the framework for the making the world to require each and everyone to have implanted a rfid microchips for the purpose of controlling who is ans not allowed medical care. see Health Care Bill 3200 http://waysandman.house.gove/media/pdf/11

Pages 1001 -1008  national Medical Device Registry Section.

Pages 1006 to be enacted within 36 months after passage.

Page 503 – medical device surveillance.

#WHY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT USE THE WORD SURVEILLANCE WHEN  REFERRING TO CITIZENS? Monitoring the behavior, activities, or changes information and manner?

  To read more on this, see the Global Research web page at www. globalresearch.ca for more information on this. And Micochipping under ObamaCare at http://www.dailypaul.com/node/105079  Scary stuff that I wanted to share. Wouldn’t put pass the current administration to do something such as this for control reasons of Americans.  HAIL RUSSIA! Not!!!!



    Here is an interesting page I found regarding the heros of the South during the American Civil War. Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, and Stonewall Jackson. Robert L. Lee’s birthday is January 18th. As a history expert,  I do respect him and one should see the movie ‘GETTYSBURG’  If  you go for history as I do.

   I was reading the Chicago Tribune  today  ( 04-11-10 edition ) and came across a page story called ‘Confederate Day A Racist Pass’ written by Clarence Page.  I respect Mr. page and he is entitled to his opinion regarding GA. State and having a Confederate patriot Day there.  Is this racist or being  Americans?

  The thing here is in respect to Mr. Page is that Confederate Day is a chance to be proud of ones root as a person of the South. Hard workers, gentleman farmers, and God-fearing people. Many of our products come from the South. Corn, cotton,  soy bean, and tobacco products. In short, if we didn’t have farms, there would be not products and higher prices to have stuff shipped in from other countries! Our great nation was founded by tobacco and the Spirit Of 1776!

  Many of the founders came  from there. Thomas Jefferson hail from there for example. Later others such as Bill Clinton,  Jimmy Carter ( who I respect for his post years out of the White House), pass  Sen. Richard Russell from GA. State, Writer Mark Twain, and Elvis !  That is what this is about. Not racism but history.

   Many people go the areas of the South as its rich in history. New Orleans, South and North Carolinas, and Florida for example. Home of  birth of jazz and the The War Of 1812  Vs. the French and Andrew Jackson.  As dose Wasington D.C. and its many sites worth visiting.

  Finally, if  we may have a month for minorities, I feel that GA. State should be able to do so also in the month of April and May. Not for only their own pride but being American and the freedom of speech in the Constitution Of The United States! Proud of being AMERICANS . That is history like it or not!



CONFEDERATE AMERICAN PRIDE for more on this and the Chicago Tribune at:







  Interesting story I found on the V.F.W. Weekly. This writer agrees  strongly.  We should address this matter not sweep it under the rug as this president wants to do or censor opinions of those who are concerned about our great nation and where its going! If  a policy that is needed to be addressed or religious ideas.

 From ‘V.F.W. WEEKLY’  For 04-2010 Week

   A Mc’ Clatchy- Ipsos poll taken in October 2009 show that 66% of Americans believe Iran is s serious threat to the U.S. As two experts wrote in the Wall Street Journal, ‘Iran a supporter of terrorism now developing the capacity to fire nuclear-tipped missiles, may pose the greatest threat to global stability and American security.’  

  The U.S. State Department has designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism since 1984. ‘Iran remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism and those who cause terrorism.

   V.F.W RES 409 support The Global War On Terrorist-calls for’ decisive action in the war on terrorism by staying on the offensive against international terrorist organization and groups as well as rouge or outlaw states guilty of inciting , harboring, aiding, and abetting terrorist.’


  On another front, Sen. Lieberman (ID) , wants the senate to take action on stronger measures regarding rail travel and transportation in light of what happened in a Russia subway system.  This writer again agrees  with Sen Lieberman and should add that we have to be careful of who comes here and why they are here in the first place!

   We have to make it more difficult to receive a Social Security card for work unless we have a background check on the person. The same apples  to getting a driver’s licence that may also used to board an airplane or railway travel. Tests in English only and tough tests for driving a car!  We also have to guard the Atomic plants, chemical, and gas refiner from a terrorist attack! We need more who are on the ball as is Sen. Lieberman.