Dear President Obama

  I see that you’re trying to press congress into National Health Care. I like to ask you, how about the real problem to be addressed that is,  Social Security and Medicare? As a citizen,  I am concerned that the problem is very real and that Social Security will go broke by 2016!  The administration and congress has taken a blind eye to the problem.

  First, why are you pressing National Health Care? We have Medicade  that there for those who are poor and need extra help. We have to revamp Medicare to make sure it’s good dollar wise and to end waste and rip offs by people  and insurance companies too who take advantage of a good thing?  For example over billing and those who can work but choose not to?

  I  should not have to pay for illegals who  are here or those  who abuse the welfare system. Unless its War, injury, or lost of a job that is it. A hand up, not  a hand out as we now have! We need tort reform and wellness type programs that were brought up but not acted on!

   I worked hard for many years and  want to have what I put into Social Security every week. As of now, stats show that there are more Baby Boomers retiring and nothing  to pay out! I suggest the congress act to raise the age of retirement to 68 years old and perhaps  put into investment groups as  an add-on?

   I don’t know about you, but I like the insurance I have and believe strongly hat we have to put our actions towards FIXING Medicare and Social Security and not give deep cuts in these programs that many depend on?

  We don’t need national health care that is over priced, over government, and most likely lines for medical help? Look at Europe and see what I mean. This is wrong and I hope you have the guts to start addressing this and  not sweep under the rug! Scrap National Health Care and get to the real problems at hand Mr. Obama!

With Respect,

Robert L.  Jones


 The Catholic American




    Speak for those who are hungry by writing a letter to our senators and people in the congress to protect key tax credits. That can be a differant toward low income workers and their families in the increase of cash resources and toward getting back onto ones feet.

    Many familes lost their jobs and now have to decide on food for the night or heat. Having food on the table or medicine or clothes on their backs! Its a matter of human decency on our part to tilt the arrangement toward hope.

    This writer also feels that a great nation as this should NOT have such here! We are above that as Americans! People need to be independent with a hand up, not a hand out. Being in these tough times and no jobs openings.

    Visit http://www.bread.org for more infomation and how to write the letter if need be. Thank you.

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