More than 90 percent of Catholic millennial the generation between 18 and 29- believe adultery is morally wrong and 68 percent said abortion is immoral according to a new survey commissioned by the Knights Of Columbus.

   When asked to identify virtues that are ‘not valued enough  in American society,  82 percent selected  ‘commitment to marriage ‘ making that the top choise. Another 63 percent rejection of  assisted suicide.   But only 35 percent affirmed doctrines that forbid sexual relationships between homosexuals. And only 20 percent agree with their church teachings that premarital sex is morally wrong and thus  sinful.

  ‘They want to say they are relativist but it’s also clear that they are not relativist on all issues, ‘  stressed Andrew Walters Vice President of the Knights Of  Columbus. Nice article and agreement from this writer. We as Catholics however, have to close the gap on premarriage sex and homosexual relationships.  This goes against what the Bible says.  We cannot have abortion funded by our tax money as “National Health Care ” or Obama Care!






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  1. Dear reader-

    Well, the healthcare passed. Hope now it overtourned in surpreme court and or the 2010 elections. too bad.

    Robert Jones

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