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  I heard on C-Span on Monday that the Liberal congress wants to weaken the laws to let illegals have citizenship in the United States! Now we also see the first round of Cheney Vs. Biden. Attacks flying. Why we have to be soft or not soft on terrorism. In this writer’s opinion, We have to be tough now!

 What about the continued threat of terrorists?  At the moment, current Vice President Biden is at a verbal war with Dick Cheney. Biden saying that Cheney  is misinformed or misinforming. This writer agrees with Cheney. We have to question these terrorists we catch and gain information on how their organization is put together, when something will happen, and who will do so.

  We cannot weaken our boarders or for that matter disable any  tools we have toward questioning the terrorists in order to save American lives.  Obama has done this.  We have to treat these people as what they are, terrorist combatants. We also have to let the border control do their jobs without fear of trouble from the government because they were not read their rights for example! Obama is wrong on this and shows  again weakness on the war on terror I am afraid to say.

  Finally, congress  has to address the problem at hand, stay out the military and let them do the job. Have strong boarders. I am not a fan of Dick Cheney but have to agree with him on this. We cannot be at sleep and be open toward more attacks in the future.  We have to use what is available to win this war  and nothing else. ( Without harm.)  We have to act now before it’s too late!


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