Watching Fox News and CNN Television I notice that the Tea party Movement has gained strength as their convention meets in Nashville, TN this week. Why is this so? Why are people going toward them and leaving the standard parties we have? The Democrats and Republicans?

  Many voters are worried  about the high debt (Trillions) with a capital T and the reckless spending by those in office. First the Republicans and now the Democratic Party. Unemployment is climbing at a steady rate and our growing loan obligation to Red China.  Talk of the dollar deflation and going to the Euro Dollar all together! Elected leaders not listening to what we have to say.

   Mine you, this is not a new idea. There were third parties before that came and gone.  For example, The Know Nothings, When asked “I know nothing.” The Bull Moose Party By Theodore Roosevelt ( whom this writer likes very much) leaves the Republicans to prove a party of crusaders in 1912. The Ross Perot Party in 1992  going up against George Bush and Bill Clinton .  This still common in Europe.

 How about government controlled banks, automotive, and loan companies? Our nation established that business be free of government control and people have “free will” toward their own futures! Not the government controlling what we do!   Why we see in this writer’s opinion, people such as Sarah Palin and others going toward the Tea party. False lead and now realize that this is not the way for us to go. Not to mention the corruption.

  I am not a Tea party person but a Democrat. I am watching the action and taking notes that the Democrats in office better heed warning! People are upset about Unemployment, debts and reckless spending. There will be a revolt in America this fall. Not by violent, but by the all mighty vote that will get rid of those who feel they are above the laws and  above the United States Constitution! The founders are rolling in the graves now. Not what Jefferson or  Hamilton would have wanted! Tea Party ideas makes  sense.



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