Dear Friends-

Please join us for the Second Annual Catholics At The Capital on Wednesday March 8, 2010 at Springfield Illinois. We will join Cardinal Francis George, The  Bishops of Illinois,clergy, and laity from across the state to promote our gospel values with state lawmakers! A good ands noble cause in this blog’s opinion!

See information at:



 Go to Relevant Radio (CATHOLIC RADIO PAGE ) for information on jobs, how to set up a resume, and networking. Go to the link below to find a meeting place near you.  To also find the station in your area.  God Bless.



The Government is hiring also. Census 2010 looking for folks to go to home to get a count of those who didn’t turn in their census forms. Go to www.2010census.gov

Looking for Judges of elections. Help people in their form, ballots, and counting at the end of the day. I know in our state they pay out 130.00 dollars. not bad for a days work. See your local county clerks office or village hall! Hope this helps!!!


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  1. SEE ‘THE EMPLOYMENT GUIDE ‘ AT http://www.employment.com

    IN CHICAGO AT http://www.chicago.employmentguide.com

  2. Correction:

    That is http://www.employmentguide.com for jobs and schools that will get you back on the feet.

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