In President Obama’s State Of The Union Address, he now a “moderate” working for the people and their problems.  Plans to cut taxes for business. Why the change?  Interesting indeed. Lets take a look to find out why the sudden change in plans now?

 Obama fails in his plans to have National Health Care or Socialist care with Scott Brown now added  to the senate. He is now trying to hide the defeat by taking up other causes such as the working people. Hope that the health care fades away. 

 Too bad or maybe good people see this guy for what he is. Trying to fool us into taking in his tall stories as a far Leftist in moderate clothing. Anti- banking, anti-business, and even anti supreme court.  If  the administration would have done this from the start, not as a way to steer attention away from failure. The economy taking the hardest hit!  Have tax breaks for business. Continue the Bush tax cuts. Boast the dollar!

  Finally,Yes congress needs to address the problems we have today. High unemployment, falling dollar, and anti-business measures. Action is  the answer, not lip service by this president playing us as fools! Now is the time to do something for the people and to listen to us!


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