Dear reader-

 I heard on C-Span that the congress want to weaken laws to let illegals work and live in our country. In short, this is wrong and will weaken our working body. Weaken the wages we earn as honest working citizens paying out low wages for the same job.

  Put our nation in danger with having weak boarders, giving out driver’s licences to those who can’t speak the language, or  that could be a threat to national security! We only have to look at what happen at the Detroit Airport on Christmas!  Congress has to realize this fact and not pass laws that could endanger our nations security! Or for that matter  states that take a blind eye also on the issue.  A popularity contest over citizens!

 Unions want to have illegals to have more pull in ranks and power over all in the White House but have us pay for the cost of the bill in healthcare. Why they are pushing National Health Care as you read this!  Power plus you pay for this!  As a person who believes in unions, I can’t believe some but not all, would sell out the American worker.

 Finally, we have to have stronger control of who is here and have a watchful eye of those who are  a threat. Not lower our living to that of a third world country.  We shouldn’t have  to  put correctness in front of what is the right thing to do or make weak the American dollar for greed over the people! That is how I feel!!!


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