On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, ( January 22nd ) hundreds of thousands of people will go in Washington D.C. to march in behalf of life from first-born to being old. The Catholic Order annually sends high school students and others interested in preserving life as we know it and not have it destroyed.

  As we know, life is important and should not be decided by a government office or a bureaucrat appointment. Nor should we play God by using Full Stem Cell Research or Growing  Of Body Parts for use. That is  flat wrong and immoral!  

  If  your interested see the Priests For Life Web Page at www.priestsforlife.com  for information regarding this important trip from January 21st  to Sunday January 24th.  Thank you. Have a Happy New Year. God bless you!

Priests For Life


Democrats For Life Of America


SBA Group Pro-Life


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  1. What happened to the pope. A lady dressed in red gose over the fence and tried to grab the Holy Father and both fall to the floor! She caught his vestment and pulled him forward? Can’t believe that the pope would need body guards for protection. What is the world coming to?

    The lady tried this before last year but failed. She had a case of mental illness they say? Glad nothing came of this and the pope wasn’t hurt. Broke a hip or an arm in the process. God was watching him and those on that airplane that day and the would be terrorist.

    -Robert Jones

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