This writer believe that to kill a life  specially a new-born baby is a sin and wrong.  I will let you the reader, search engine to find out  how bad this is. I don’t believe in abortion as a Catholic or funding to support such. As I do with End Of Life matters or forced suicides.  

  I will oppose any use of our tax money for abortions and work to end the killing of a human life new-born or  old.  This writer is appalled that to pass a bill the administration has to use strong-arm tactics and bullying to meet their ends. Such as threats  Sen. Lieberman’s wife’s  job.  If the senator didn’t “go along ”  According to The Glenn Beck Show. That is shameful indeed.   Shameful that nobody covered this but Glenn Beck and others of Fox News. As the old saying goes, ” Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you!”

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