Dear reader-

  Watching  Fox Television, I noticed that  President Obama is now putting the blame game now  on business for not creating employment and that government has to create jobs. No. government is the problem and we need less of it in our lives.

 Tax cuts are the way to go. My dad is right. Across  the board cut will create jobs and grow business here at home. This will give business a reason to stay at home.  Now is not the time for Card Check bills because it will kill business not help it. Unions have to give a little to help those keep jobs. I am for unions but in this tough time period, demands are not the answer.  Less or no government running the banks, auto, or loan offices. Sell of the batch and let it run by itself.

   Finally the ideas of tax cuts and growing business is the way to go. We need less government in our lives. As President Reagan once said,”  Government isn’t the answer. Government is the problem.” He is correct on this opinion.


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  1. Agreed. Hopefully with the President’s recent call to business leaders for suggestions on creating jobs he will hear this message loudly.

  2. Dear Slamdunk-

    We have to wait and see. I only hope that something gives very soon. The unemployment rate in Illinois is high. Not good. Keep in touch and thanks for visiting.

    Robert Jones

  3. i know where it’ s going to dead beat niggers and illegals! i am also sick of tiger woods and those nogger lover woman. white whores!

  4. Once again, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Dear readers-

    Good for Glenn Beck! The Liberals are attacking him again. A congresswoman who is ” Polish.” SHE’S A RUSSIAN! time to get facts correct! Reckless charges and smear machine? Go get them Glenn! See Glenn’s show every day at 4:00 P.M. central.


    Robert Jones

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