Hard to believe, that Christmas is under attack once again in America. I heard on Catholic Radio that People are removing Christmas trees from schools including Changing  Beloved "Christmas Programs" to "Winter programs,"  removing Christmas in retail completely, and over the top political correctness by Darwinist thinkers and the adminstration.  Some of this nonsense is being challenged in court.  When is going to end?  

  In this writer's opinion, I like Christmas. I like to celebrate the Christmas holiday also. If a Darwinist don't like it here or God for that matter, Go live in China or North Korea! We as citizens have to stand up and save Christmas before we lose rights to do so and become a one rule state.   

   God is part of Christmas. The time to celebrate Jesus's birth. I don't know about you, but I didn't come from the salt of the sea or a fish as a Darwin thinks. That is nonsense. This has also been disproved over and over by historians.   

 For example, some who feel that a  blast from space  destroyed  the pre-historic creatures that once ruled over the Earth. Studies done found that the Flood Of Noah's time caused the flood of the lands.    God instructed Noah to build an Ark and begin collecting two by two animals.  (See Bible.) The Pre-historic creatures were drowned and later found in rock and dirt deposits.   

  I know that  the constitution dose have separating of church and state. I'll have  religion my way and a Darwinist his or her way. Don't force your ideas on me or have me remove a Christmas Tree.   

   The Liberals are trying their best to change that if you of I let them.  I respect another's opinion, that is what makes our country great. I strongly disagree however.  By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE CATHOLIC AMERICAN! Oh, Did I say Christmas?  


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  1. Ok first off this is a nation of many cultural backgrounds.. Why should people of different religious backgrounds all be forced to sit around during christmas celebrations. The typical redneck conservative would probably say something like “well this is the United States, if you don’t like it go home”. Nobody that is around today was here when this nation was founded..Nobody has the right to force any religious holiday on anyone here. The christians should stop complaining and celebrate their damn holiday at home like people who celebrate jewish holidays or kwanza. The fears that conservatives like yourself are filling people with are crazy. At least when Bush was pres. the liberals were complaining about factual problems, all the republicans complain about is what Obama might do, the things that scare them about him (even though they are unfounded). Its not that we’re trying to attack christmas, its just that we don’t believe that stuff & we don’t want it being part of our schools. As for the comment on darwinian thinkers.. HAHA you are making arguments about things you obviously know nothing about. Christians are history deniers for the most part. Christians use science when its convenient for them & just deny it when it offends their beliefs. Let me just say that the theory of evolution is grounded in more facts than the theory of plate tectonics (which religious leaders accept as fact). Evolution would still be the main accepted theory even if we didn’t have one fossil to back it up (but we have millions of fossils that perfectly back it up) Creationists often point to gaps in the fossil record (because thats what they’re churces have trained them to do). What do you expect billions of years worth of fossils to all be perfect? of course there are gaps in the record. People should just move over and realize that this world doesn’t belong to them. We were both born here its as much mine as yours. Just because a theory is too complex for you to comprehend doesn’t mean its not correct. We would all like the answer to be as easy as poof, but we don’t live in a fairy tale. Religion is nothing but a tool that is used to keep people obedient, its used by the most corrupt individuals to be elected to power, teleevangelists pretend to care about peoples problems, but are making more $$$$ that any of them. The story of the bible was told by other civilizations before christians (the only difference is the names were changed). Not too mention the message has greatly changed over the centuries. Just like that childrens game called telephone, when kids whisper a message to one another in a circle, by the time it reaches the last person the message has changed. Everything science does christianity has had to adapt to & they’ve done so flawlessly, but lets not forget that christians used to believe in spontaneous generation, a flat earth, and their main argument of the day is irreducible complexity, gimme a break.

  2. its alright if you don’t approve my comments. I already reposted this whole page to share this argument

    • strong>Dear Psy-
      Thanks for writing. First, I don’t cenor anyone. That is what make our nation great. Freedom Of Speech. On your idea of Darwin. I ask, a cat for example, how dose it know what to do or not? Because the creator put a brain in its head that gives the animal smarts to live. Its not cognitive thinking. A animal dose not learn by bate. Such as Pavlov’s. A bird, dog, or cat is created by God and only God. Not “Fish from the sea” or any “BIG BANG” ideas. God created all us and the animals also. Animals are of lower thinking of course. Man is created from Adam. In God’s image. Eve came from a rib of Adam. They fell in the Garden Of Eden to the Devil. The reason we have sin in the world today. The failure of man kind. (See Bible Chapter 1.)………”God created the world in six days. One the seventh day, he rested.” Man is also to rule over and tame the beasts of the world. If I may put into my own words.

      As for Christmas, I don’t see how one group may complain and get away with it and others can’t. If I want to have a Baby Jesus in my yard, or say Merry Christmas, that is my rights. To say Take that down because I don’t like it. ( Baby Jesus) dose not sit right to many Americans. They are forcing their opinions on me and I find that offensive. Just as it would be if a state in the South can or can’t fly their flag under Old Glory. That is a state rights. Anyway, Keep in touch and thanks for visiting.

      With respect,
      -Robert Jones

      • …………….Just as we now see many of the sites from the Bible are now being found such as the Ark in Turkey, Abramham’s grave, and the Great Flood that flooded the world. Fossels in stone and mud. Not a flash from a storm of fire stars as some in science sees it.

        Robert Jones

    • The word is spelled CENSOR. Sorry about that.

      Robert Jones

    • the bible was written in hebrew(the 1st known language) We speak english(the newest language)… my argument is that you don’t have anything to back up your ideas except to insist that god created stuff. Now a fish did not just jump out of the sea, it happened over probably thousands of generations. The human pinky toe is dissappearing slowly generation by generation because people wear shoes now & we no longer need that toe (thats documented evolution). There are countless examples of documented evolution. The only credible christians that I know of are the ones that accept evolution & just say god made it happen. At least that is an arguable stance, but to think that the earth is merely 10,000 years old & that humans & dinosaurs lived together is more far fetched than a fish jumping out of the water & living on land. Who are you or anyone else to say that a high level form of organic organization like a mammals brain couldn’t happen without divine intervention. Humans only live about 80 years on average, so its not suprising that so many deny evolution because we don’t see huge evolutionary jumps in human life spans. To say that god exists because cats have brains makes no sense. I agree you should be able to do whatever you want with your own yard, but a school is different. Especially a public school, not everyone wants to hear about that stuff. Quoting the bible does no good, like I said it has been retranslated too many times to be able to verify authenticity & the story of jesus was stolen from earlier civilizations (see Horace). I just don’t know how creationists can trust modern science with things like medicine, computers, automobiles, ect. yet they deny evolution. How can you live in so much fear? Fear that you’ll go to hell if you don’t behave. Such an arrogant view to think that everything was created for our disposal..

    • Dear Psy-

      In respect, I disagree. Read the Bible and that is the word I listen to. Yes, I do good because I obey the word of God. I don’t want Hell. (Yes. There is a Heaven and a Hell friend.) Darwin was there after passing and questioned. Who am I to say what happened then? Heaven or Hell for Darwin??? (Question? How dose a cat get back home when put into the outdoors for the first time. Not Conditioning? If so How? If it’s the first time out?)

      God created the heaven and the Earth. The fish in the sea and crawing to land story no way. A tall tail indeed. I don’t agree that I came from an ape. Adam and Eve are our parents not an ape. You and me friend.

      The Bible again, has facts of the finds of the pass. (See King James Version.) Noah, the Great Flood, and Sodam for example. Sodam was removed by God for being Homosexual and Abramham’s wife made into a pillar of salt for looking back. That was found not too long ago in a socialogist dig. Look that up in respect.

      Horance was an interesting read. I may not buy into that however. I also read Darwin and Freud. Don’t have to buy into that also. (I don’t.) That is a Liberal brainwashing tool used today to do others thinking for them. What is wrong with our schools.

      Control minds like the Russian government and boom! Take over. I don’t want Stalinism in this great nation! Finally, in a nut shell, read quote below. I am sure you heard this one. You seem to be an educated person by your statements. Makes sense to me. See below.


      -Patrick Henry

      (*Well Put.)


      Robert Jones

    • ………The final statement you made of “made for our disposal.” Is Choises of man kind. Just as Adam and Eve bit the apple. That was their choise to the warning of God. Why we have sin on the Earth to the end. Until HE comes back on the cloud of glory! Why we have to prepare.

    • dear robert:
      i agree with you. the bible is correct. i also agree on the brainwashing bit. obama seems to be trying hard to do that toward our young people today. a true socialist.

    • you people make me laugh.. .I dunno why im going to continue to argue, but what you say is based on nothing. Simply because you say something is so. The message of your religion has changed. Christians are in constant denial. Every single thing you believe has been disproved, if it weren’t for money and certain politicians that would be known. America is one of the youngest countries, how then do people like you pretend to know more than someone in a tribe in south america, a bhuddist in india, or a scientist that actually looks at all the information.. You people need to manifest your minds

    • I may sum up in a nut shell something a dear friend has outside this season with his Christmas stuff- ” JESUS, THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!.” Well put indeed.

      Robert Jones

    • Mr. Jones-

      This guy needs a brain check. Look at the Bible and it tells what we are. What more dose the Bible need to say? God started this and God will finish the work. The other writer I hope gose to church. I will pray for him.

      -Paul Pierce.

          1. Dear Paul-

            Don’t want to pick on anyone. The Hindo for example he mentions worships A person with faults. Just as you and myself. Jesus is prefect and has none. As shown in the desert he went for 40 days to be tested by the Devil and the Devil failed. A ” director” can’t do that. We don’t have the temperment for it as Jesus has. Why he’s the Alfa, The Omega, The beginning and The end. The exstreamist we are war against are just nuts. Strap a bomb on for a 1,000 virgins. Normal people don’t do that. (Being regular good Indians.) Thanks for writing everyone.

        Robert Jones

        • ………….To Get back on track, No to those who want to take Christmas away because they hate the season.

    • Spelled as EXTREME. Sorry about that.


    • no need for me to argue anymore after this, but all you people have to argue is ancient hearsay… American blindness & ignorance at its finest.. ego maniacal arrogance.. you people may think i need church, but I think you need psychiatric help. Modern christianity is a nuerological disorder in my point of view, like a form of dimensia.

    • The funniest part of all is that you people can’t even SPELL correctly… How do you expect anyone to buy into your brainwashing blind ignorant faith when you cannot spell the word Perfect (spelled prefect above).. Sad cases indeed…

    • and your all racist (saying things like “regular good indians” is politically incorrect and racist.

    • Answer my question Psy? If a cat is let out for the first time outside, how dose it know to come back? I did spell wrong but corrected myself. Going on personal attacks only show a weak fight. Like a Liberal talking over Glenn Beck on Fox News for example. If the case, I will have to block your posts. Lets be mature here. I like a clean debate. Otherwises, that’s it.

      Robert Jones


      Thank you.

    • Only racist is the liberal above who kisses the nigger’s ass and put us in the flusher! You people belong in Korea. We don’t want open Commies here in the United States. Word of advise folks, VOTE WHITE AND AMERICAN in 2010! Don’t let the bleeding hearts take over! We have to put our own interests at mind.

    • ………..i see the rev. al is on tiger for not having color girls to cheat with? guess he want to spread the wealth around!

    • ……….I am not scared to say that everyone should pull their own weight and not depend on the government.What is put in is what one gets out.

    • On December 16, 2009 at 1:28 am REGULAR WHTE GIRL Said:
      Only racist is the liberal above who kisses the nigger’s ass and put us in the flusher! You people belong in Korea. We don’t want open Commies here in the United States. Word of advise folks, VOTE WHITE AND AMERICAN in 2010! Don’t let the bleeding hearts take over! We have to put our own interests at mind.

      How can you tell me that this person whom which supports your positions is not racist… I’m not making personal attacks, i’m being truthful. You allow people to use racial slurs on your page… People that get on the internet and post things like that are cowards.. They’d never speak up like that in public.. As for your cat problem.. Not all cats come back home.. Your argument makes no sense(just like all the other ones) Just because a cat has a brain doesn’t mean a god put it there.. just because you cannot see farther than your own life doesn’t mean all life started there. what about my evidence of documented evolution? what about the shrinking pinky toe, humans having less hair? Foxes have been completely domesticated by natural selection scientists in a course of only 20 years.. They were basically turned into regular dogs by humans modeling evolution… not by any divine power, but by the power of natural selection. You can look up any of these examples, but of coarse you won’t. Instead you’ll just do what makes you comfortable and spout the bible like it means anything. Now i’ve been trying to be civil and respectful & your right I hate personal attacks, but you know its kinda hard because that lady is a racist & there are many spelling errors all over the place.. So let me see racists that cannot spell.. Not exactly the type of folks that I want to listen to when it comes to the biggest question of all.. If I remember correctly christians are not supposed to be racists. This is the way conservative religious people get.

    • always so quick to jump to hurtful language when the debate gets heated.. I will be ecstatic when christianity finally comes to an end… You must realize this will happen eventually, with your political party being nearly all old white folks & rich people. The young hispanics, blacks, muslims, gay/lesbian and anyone else with a half brain deserves the exact same rights as you mean people & believe me we’re not going to give you anymore national elections until your party shifts its views, stops appealing to racism, stops supporting only the top earners, and starts listenting to people other than white christians… I’m sry to you all but you just don’t have the demographics anymore.

      • Freedom Of Speech. I believe in that and our country. As always, your entitled to an opinion too.

        Merry Christmas.
        Robert Jones

    • There is one thing that you are correct about.. People do have the right to their own opinions, but they do not have the right to their own facts.

    • Dear Psy-

      Thanks for the plug on your web blog. If I am a “Fool” as you say, why do I have over 1,800 good readers on my blog and you have Zero? Because people are not interesting in Liberal thinkers! Why Fox News gets viewers/ratings and Lib radio don’t. That is a true fact.

    • ………How do you think the dinosaur vanished? Was it because of the Great Flood by God that put remains into rock and sand deposits such as the Grand Canyon base?
      Your opinion is it a falling star that hit the earth? (The normal alibi of those in science? ) —“And God told Noah to build an ark because a great flood was to happen.”

      By the way, how would a person in science explain the ark found in the mountains of Turkey broken into two? Please don’t say a government plot?

      -Robert Jones

    • ………This is taking the track of the SCOPE/MONKEY TRIAL. I like it. Healthy debate my friend.

    • You can attack my blog that I just started a few weeks ago and have not been trying to get other people to read, its simply a way for me to organize my own thoughts. My life is bigger than the internet. On another note the dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid, every 2nd grader could tell you that. You act like your in the majority when your party is certainly not anymore. People are sick of their lives being controlled by a fictional story. I’ve figured out what armageddon will be like and its not scary at all. I believe the armageddon you all speak of will actually be the end of your religions dominance in our culture, because that scenario would be equivelant to the end of times for ya’ll. What about the ignorant posters on your page, like the obviously racist woman. Your political side is full of phony people just like the other side, but that is blatant racism.. How can you pretend to be so just when you allow people like that to post on your blog. That just seems to be the type of people that the christians and republicans attract. I mean thats how you can tell the political left is in dominance as far as voters go, because we cannot be defined by a single stereotype (maybe many stereotypes) but the modern republicans/christian nearly all fall into the same ethnicity and religious beliefs. Like I said your entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts & by the way I respect your beliefs, I respect your honesty & I do enjoy this debate, but the fact that little ol me can throw this much anti creationist argument in your face makes me truly wonder how badly the true heavyweight science people would destroy your arguments. The thing is you are all just trained by your churches & they are trained by higher churches to deny the truth & what to say.

    • I was making a general statement. Not attacking. I don’t do that. I respect your opinion.

      Have a good one.


    • your a funny guy… my smoking is a blessing.. So many people who have not experienced things make judgements on them.. this is another debate for another day, but marijuana & psychedelics can be beneficial and/or harmless when used properly. the word psychedelic is latin for mind manifesting, therefore maybe you need some LSD.. anyway I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.. I’ll keep up with your writing.. I’m sure you’ll hear from me again.

    • psyco..bloom quote: “The christians should stop complaining and celebrate their damn holiday at home like people who celebrate jewish holidays or kwanza”

      It is noted that he did not state his faith. Therefore if he has one, I’d really like to travel to a third world country so we can put him on tour to “educate” that country to his way of thinking. I do believe he is onto something here with his quotes and ideals. Psybloom…you state “Christians are history deniers for the most part”..boy are you wrong on this statement and this alone indicates your age group. You have a lot to learn about life young man. Are you aware that aliens do exist on our planet and in the total universe?? Please rethink your analysis before the “greys” take you away. History has a way of repeating itself. Why? You should know this answer as it was first introduced to you by your elders and their teachings. I think Mr. Jones may be on the right path to preserving what is good is good and what is evil is wrong.

      Jon Burroughs

    • lol I know all about the gray’s buddy. I have read more books on the subjects of inner space, meditation, yoga & things of that nature than you might imagine… I just happen to believe that sacraments such as psilocybin, LSD and mescaline offer connections to the divine.. those connections have been severed over the centuries by people who have made faith & worship about a material entity…

    • in fact my friend, I have personally met the grays..

    • mr. burroughs–

      i agree with you. don’t push your opinions on me. this is america. if you want to be wrong so be it! i also feel that those who wish to kill for a fake god ( delta air flight) should be shot on the spot! make an example of!



    • ………..I agree with you. I feel that if your on a watch list that is the way it is. can’t be asleep at the switch. Thanks for visiting.

      Robert Jones

    • Dear Mr. Burroughs-

      Have to be very careful also. There are those who will make you believe they are a friend and wine and dine until they full their objectives. Then SHE will set a person up and stab in the back. What I’m saying is, be carefull!

      Robert Jones

    • bye everyone, I am officially bowing out of this blog permanently. I tried to hang around and have a civilized debate as long as possible, but the amount of arrogance, ignorance, hate, and racism has offended me & I think this entire discussion is a prime example of the hateful racist inclinations of most christians in America.

    • Creationist and Darwinists

      Can any body tell me? Who has made the perfect, mathematical and complex laws of Physics, laws of Chemistry and laws of biology , complex reproductive system in human and animal and plants ?. Scientists are only discovering these laws and in through obeying these law making some imperfect or semi perfect things. Yet the scientists have discovered a tiny part of the Creator’s innovative world. 99% yet to be explored. Keeping in view only a stupid or illogical persons can deny the perfect, and the wise Creator.

      The Darwin has proposed a theory not a fact . His tautology could not be proved by any undoubtedly/real true scientific evidence/fact. After studying 10,000 fossils, Harun Yahya a Turkish biologist has challenged all Darwinists of the world to produce a single intermediate fossil, he will pay US$100 billion . He has proved that every species appeared in perfect shape and disappeared and new specie appeared in perfect shape. No incomplete bird can survive and incomplete eye can see. A half build eye and half build wing cannot see and cannot fly.

      Survival of the fittest? Why love existence? Why a mother dies for her child?, Why A perfect family system of Honey bee functions?. Why Peacock beautiful colors appeared?. Darwinists have failed miserably to explain the facts of creation. So fact of existence of creator of a perfect, very beautiful and complex creation is just like Sun on the sky but blind cannot see

      Indeed Creation and ordering of the universe is seen as an act of prime mercy for which all creatures sing God’s glories and bear witness to God’s unity and lordship. According to the Islamic teachings, God exists without a place. According to the Qur’an, “No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision. God is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things” (Last of Book of God to Humanity :Qur’an 6:103)

      • Interesting viewpoint. Thanks for visiting.

        Robert Jones

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