On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, ( January 22nd ) hundreds of thousands of people will go in Washington D.C. to march in behalf of life from first-born to being old. The Catholic Order annually sends high school students and others interested in preserving life as we know it and not have it destroyed.

  As we know, life is important and should not be decided by a government office or a bureaucrat appointment. Nor should we play God by using Full Stem Cell Research or Growing  Of Body Parts for use. That is  flat wrong and immoral!  

  If  your interested see the Priests For Life Web Page at www.priestsforlife.com  for information regarding this important trip from January 21st  to Sunday January 24th.  Thank you. Have a Happy New Year. God bless you!

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   This writer believe that to kill a life  specially a new-born baby is a sin and wrong.  I will let you the reader, search engine to find out  how bad this is. I don’t believe in abortion as a Catholic or funding to support such. As I do with End Of Life matters or forced suicides.  

  I will oppose any use of our tax money for abortions and work to end the killing of a human life new-born or  old.  This writer is appalled that to pass a bill the administration has to use strong-arm tactics and bullying to meet their ends. Such as threats  Sen. Lieberman’s wife’s  job.  If the senator didn’t “go along ”  According to The Glenn Beck Show. That is shameful indeed.   Shameful that nobody covered this but Glenn Beck and others of Fox News. As the old saying goes, ” Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you!”

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“This Story Breaks My Heart At Christmas.”

   Here’s a page I found troubling. The Smile Train. Helps children with cleft surgery and less pain. Looking at the web page, very sad to see little children suffering from this problem. Tough pictures to look at. Little babies.  We can’t turn our backs on those in need. That is not what God wants of us.  I hope you will check this page for yourself and do what you can to help. Along with the homeless problem we have today in these tough times. We can’t wipe it out but can put a little dent into the problems.


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Robert L. Jones



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Dear Reader-

   Here’s a web page post on an interesting subject, “How To Be a Conservative Democrat.” Goes on to say that a Republican is conservative and a Democrat Liberal.  That is not true. Many Conservative Democrats are for Pro life, Guns, and being a nation debt free. Such the case for Sen. Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Congressman Copper of TN. State and Dan Lipinski of Illinois for example.  Anyway here it is.  Happy reading. It’s an interesting post by E-How Network.

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 P.S.- On a similar note, lets not forget that today is December 7th. Don’t forget Pearl Harbor Day and  September 11, 2001-  Patriot Day. Remember our good soldiers and why they help make our nations great!



Dear reader-

  Watching  Fox Television, I noticed that  President Obama is now putting the blame game now  on business for not creating employment and that government has to create jobs. No. government is the problem and we need less of it in our lives.

 Tax cuts are the way to go. My dad is right. Across  the board cut will create jobs and grow business here at home. This will give business a reason to stay at home.  Now is not the time for Card Check bills because it will kill business not help it. Unions have to give a little to help those keep jobs. I am for unions but in this tough time period, demands are not the answer.  Less or no government running the banks, auto, or loan offices. Sell of the batch and let it run by itself.

   Finally the ideas of tax cuts and growing business is the way to go. We need less government in our lives. As President Reagan once said,”  Government isn’t the answer. Government is the problem.” He is correct on this opinion.


  Hard to believe, that Christmas is under attack once again in America. I heard on Catholic Radio that People are removing Christmas trees from schools including Changing  Beloved "Christmas Programs" to "Winter programs,"  removing Christmas in retail completely, and over the top political correctness by Darwinist thinkers and the adminstration.  Some of this nonsense is being challenged in court.  When is going to end?  

  In this writer's opinion, I like Christmas. I like to celebrate the Christmas holiday also. If a Darwinist don't like it here or God for that matter, Go live in China or North Korea! We as citizens have to stand up and save Christmas before we lose rights to do so and become a one rule state.   

   God is part of Christmas. The time to celebrate Jesus's birth. I don't know about you, but I didn't come from the salt of the sea or a fish as a Darwin thinks. That is nonsense. This has also been disproved over and over by historians.   

 For example, some who feel that a  blast from space  destroyed  the pre-historic creatures that once ruled over the Earth. Studies done found that the Flood Of Noah's time caused the flood of the lands.    God instructed Noah to build an Ark and begin collecting two by two animals.  (See Bible.) The Pre-historic creatures were drowned and later found in rock and dirt deposits.   

  I know that  the constitution dose have separating of church and state. I'll have  religion my way and a Darwinist his or her way. Don't force your ideas on me or have me remove a Christmas Tree.   

   The Liberals are trying their best to change that if you of I let them.  I respect another's opinion, that is what makes our country great. I strongly disagree however.  By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE CATHOLIC AMERICAN! Oh, Did I say Christmas?