Dear reader-

  As you read this, Sen. Durbin and our Governor Pat Quinn have a  plan  that  involves terrorists going  into  a prison in Thomson Illinois will create jobs in Illinois. Mean while Congressman Kirk  is against this fearing our state will become a target of terrorist attacks. Here is my opinion living in Illinois.

  This writer agrees with Congressman Kirk. We have Gitmo Bay open and that is where the terrorist should be held. Also, This writer feels  that the terrorists should be under a military court. Not in New York, Illinois , or anywhere else using our constitution or regular court systems.

  Finally, having terrorists under our regular courts is a mistake. Closing Gitmo Bay and moving them here will create problems and future terrorist threats. Gitmo Bay should remain open because they have been doing their job to the best of the ability. That is all we can ask.


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  1. In the upcoming electon season in 2010, the Catholic American will endorse JIM RYAN the Republican For Governor. This is due to the fact of transportation of terrorist elements to Illinois in Thomson making the state a possible target attack.

    Pat Quinn favoring abortion and clinics and not doing enough to prevent the problem. Finally, the fact under Pat Quinn and the past governor, (Blogo) Illinois has a run away debt and spending out of control. Thus, putting this state into ruins! We need more than just a bandage. JIM RYAN is endorsed.

  2. ……JIM RYAN’S WEB PAGE is located at the spot below. If you live in Illinois, please Vote For Jim Ryan!!!! Thank you for visiting.



  3. The Catholic American also endorses TERRY O’ BRIEN Democrat For Cook County Board Chairman this 2010 Primary. O’Brien has experience with the county board and is President of the Water Reciamation District Of Cook County. His is a fiscal conservative, common sense, and is strongly endorsed.

    See more at:

    Dan Lipinski is also endorsed for Congress Illinois 3rd District. Fiscal conservative, pro-life, Blue Dog, and would stand up for what is right for America. He is again backed by the Catholic American.

    Dan Lipinski For Congress:


    The talk is on regarding using a full body scan to screen out and catch any would be terrorists who may have plans to rein in problems. Groups such as the ACLU are up in arms due to invading private of the person. Not to mention rights of a terrorist. Bull!

    In this writer’s opinion, I think this is a good idea. Had this been put to use, we may not had had terrorists in America or for that matter any September 11th. (WHY WE ARE AT WAR!) We are blessed that that terrorist didn’t finish the job in the bathroom of that jet to Detroit! God was watching out!

    For those who cry they are being “picked on” well, that is the way it is. It’s a sad understatement indeed but needed. We have to protect once again, our chemical plants, trains, buses, and atom production plants! The ones who cry should get use to the fact or leave our country altogether!

    -Robert Jones


    Dear reader-

    The country going in the wrong direction; a candidate who feels that there are no terrorists in the Middle East; and supports a child murder. If you live in MA. State, and care about your state and the country, Vote BROWN Republican on Tuesday! We need to retake our country! The Catholic American endorses Brown for U.S. Senate in Mass. State over the Obama Progressive this Tuesday!

  6. Dear reader-

    BROWN WINS! A strong wake up call to the Libs who vote for health care and abortion and think we will pay for it! No. Glad Brown won and to see National Health Care dead on arrival! Once again, Vote Out anyone Dem or Rep. who votes yes on ObamaCare!!!

    Robert Jones

  7. 01-28-10

    The Catholic American supports ROBERT MARSHALL DEMOCRAT FOR U.S. SENATE! Dr. Marshall is Pro-Life, Pro -Gun and wants to get our country back on track! See his page below for details on his platform.


    Thank you,
    Robert L. Jones

    • We also back ARLON SPECTER for senate PA. State. Even though he is “pro-choice” he has proven to vote against late term abortion and would agree on us regarding this terrible problem. He would also work well with Bob Casey. He is endorsed by the Catholic American Blog.
      see his page at:

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