‘Nursing Home Abuse.’

  There is another report of a nursing home abuse case of a 72-year-old dementia  patient who was beat up after she was caught eating another persons meal at dinner time in Chicago.  This is becoming a common  problem that has to be addressed and not under looked.

   My opinion is that no person under care in a home have to be abused or given sub pare care. This should not be allowed by a state. Having seen this type of problem first hand, the government should investigate the problem and hold those hired with records or no background checks accountable. 

  For example,   many  workers are  hired with no background checks and have criminal records. Not all, but face it.  The reason is that help is hard to get at these places.  The homes will hire anyone available.  sad enough, most, but not all, don’t care about old people.  They have to be weeded out.

  Finally, the problem of nursing homes should be addressed for abuse. Checking into workers goes a long ways to preventive measures.  The “Golden Years” should be those of happy times and not fear by people who live at nursing homes!


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