I found this news story. The Obama Administration want to try another way to take away the rights to bear arms. In short, take away the guns of honest hunters and fisherman.  The idea is to put a fifty dollar tax on every gun a person owns plus ammo. You have to report this on your income tax form; take a finger print; class on gun use; and a  mental test to handle a gun.

  In this writer’s opinion, the U.S. Constitution give us the rights to bear arm and to protect our home. If this goes though,  look for the administration to block other freedoms we are given such  as FREEDOM OF SPEECH,  TRAVEL,  AND A RIGHTS TO A FAIR TRIAL. 

   They are already trying to pass the “Freedom Doctrine.”  Trying to limit the opinions of those who want to question Obama. That being Catholic Radio, blogs,  Lou Dobbs, and Fox News.   

  Tell congress today NO on taxation on guns and the honest hunters! We don’t need Socialist ideas in America. We want the U.S. Constitution instead. We like the United States as it is not a dictation state such as the former U.S.S.R. or Iran!  We shouldn’t have to put up with our rights being taken away by those who feel they know best for us!




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  1. Dear reader-

    Today is the call for ObamaCare. If your concerned about the country and your freedoms under our constitution, Call Your Elected Official Today!

    They need a reminder that they work for us and not otherwise. If not, we will vote those who vote yes on this out in 2010! Democrat or G.O.Per!!

    This is a turning point. I feel this will be a gate to ending other rights we have such as owning a gun to protect our family. Question of the day? Do you want to pay for abortions or an illegal’s health care? Do you want to wait up to a year for any medical care? I don’t. Why we have to act today before it’s too late.

    Robert L. Jones

    see Congress.org@

    Robert Jones


    The amount is the amount of $500. to the I.R.S. per gun you own. Still a large amount!

    Robert L. Jones

  3. Dear readers-

    Heard on Relevant Radio that the District Of Columbia City Council has plans to dictate to the Catholic Church there that they have to accept Homosexual Marriages in that city like it or not? If this happens, the Church would have to pull its contracts with the city. Many homeless would lose out in the long run for example.

    In this writer’s opinion, society is in bad shape with telvision and movies saying its ok to like homosexual marriage, gay relations, and sleeping around. We only have to turn a channel for example and BOOM. There it is in front of us. Sex and violent.

    Good for the church for standing up and saying no to another Liberal program that wants to wreak our society with preverted ideas! Time to stand up and say NO before we lose our total rights as citizens in this great nation!!!

    Robert Jones


    Dear readers-

    I want to write to you regarding this health care bill or OBAMACARE pending in the senate. If this passes, we will be in heavy debt for years to come. What dose this mean to us as Americans, the following will happen if we don’t call on our senators now to voice a NO to their plans.

    Medicare will be given deep cuts; the debt will climb to record levels; and good luck getting care in the near future. Call your senator today to say NO. ( To the coservative Demorats in the senate to vote no.) See http://www.congress.org before its too late!

    Robert Jones

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