MATTHEW 1:20 An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said,  “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.   She will give birth to a son and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his  people from their sins.”

  What is the true meaning of Christmas?  Today is the start of the Christmas holiday “Black Friday. ”  People  going to stores and getting that computer game or that new cell phone with all the bells and whistles on it. For What? The all mighty dollar in retail stores. Not that I am picking on retail. What is the true  meaning of Christmas?

   Just as Matthew 1:21 stated, Joseph and Mary are to prepare for a child who will save us from our sins. Damnation in Hell at the end.  That is Jesus the savior. He is the reason we celebrates Christmas.  Not buying and spending.

   As  this holiday gets more commercial, we lose sight of this fact. He will save us from sin by forgiveness. He is the one we have to go to for help with our problems. For example a drinking problem; gamble too much; cheating on a spouse; or having a  life of crime. He is the one who will help us. We cannot do so on our own.

   We have to go to Jesus for that. Repent for our sins now while we have time to do so, not later.  He will assist us with problems such as getting a job for example in that bad time in our life. We have to approach and be humble in doing so. He isn’t a ATM machine that gives on command. That is not how it works.

  Finally, we have to keep God in our lives. It’s easy to lost sight on the Christmas holiday with flashy television ads and stores telling us to “Put it on credit.” Remember, that Jesus is the one we honor and that is important. In short, refreshing our souls from sin and the Devil in the end! Are you putting yourself in the Lord’s hands?






Dear reader-

  As you read this, Sen. Durbin and our Governor Pat Quinn have a  plan  that  involves terrorists going  into  a prison in Thomson Illinois will create jobs in Illinois. Mean while Congressman Kirk  is against this fearing our state will become a target of terrorist attacks. Here is my opinion living in Illinois.

  This writer agrees with Congressman Kirk. We have Gitmo Bay open and that is where the terrorist should be held. Also, This writer feels  that the terrorists should be under a military court. Not in New York, Illinois , or anywhere else using our constitution or regular court systems.

  Finally, having terrorists under our regular courts is a mistake. Closing Gitmo Bay and moving them here will create problems and future terrorist threats. Gitmo Bay should remain open because they have been doing their job to the best of the ability. That is all we can ask.

‘Nursing Home Abuse.’

  There is another report of a nursing home abuse case of a 72-year-old dementia  patient who was beat up after she was caught eating another persons meal at dinner time in Chicago.  This is becoming a common  problem that has to be addressed and not under looked.

   My opinion is that no person under care in a home have to be abused or given sub pare care. This should not be allowed by a state. Having seen this type of problem first hand, the government should investigate the problem and hold those hired with records or no background checks accountable. 

  For example,   many  workers are  hired with no background checks and have criminal records. Not all, but face it.  The reason is that help is hard to get at these places.  The homes will hire anyone available.  sad enough, most, but not all, don’t care about old people.  They have to be weeded out.

  Finally, the problem of nursing homes should be addressed for abuse. Checking into workers goes a long ways to preventive measures.  The “Golden Years” should be those of happy times and not fear by people who live at nursing homes!


    I found this news story. The Obama Administration want to try another way to take away the rights to bear arms. In short, take away the guns of honest hunters and fisherman.  The idea is to put a fifty dollar tax on every gun a person owns plus ammo. You have to report this on your income tax form; take a finger print; class on gun use; and a  mental test to handle a gun.

  In this writer’s opinion, the U.S. Constitution give us the rights to bear arm and to protect our home. If this goes though,  look for the administration to block other freedoms we are given such  as FREEDOM OF SPEECH,  TRAVEL,  AND A RIGHTS TO A FAIR TRIAL. 

   They are already trying to pass the “Freedom Doctrine.”  Trying to limit the opinions of those who want to question Obama. That being Catholic Radio, blogs,  Lou Dobbs, and Fox News.   

  Tell congress today NO on taxation on guns and the honest hunters! We don’t need Socialist ideas in America. We want the U.S. Constitution instead. We like the United States as it is not a dictation state such as the former U.S.S.R. or Iran!  We shouldn’t have to put up with our rights being taken away by those who feel they know best for us!




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