Got an e-mail from my friends at the S.B.A pro-life group regarding the Baucus bill (National health Care) with your tax dollars going to help abortions. At this time Congressman Stupak (D-MI.) is working on an amendment (Stupak-Pitts Amendment ) that would  not have our tax dollars for use for abortion in any way.  He said also that this will not pass unless abortion is removed as one of the measure in the bill.

  My friends, abortion is wrong.  Life is a right given to us, Jesus forgives and heals all, Lord forgive us and the nation, abortion kills children, abortion hurts women, and finally,  pray to end the acts of abortions in the United States! 


    The  deacon at my church spoke of sin last Saturday at mass and how dangerous it is. How it will be a meeting with the Devil in the end. He is correct.  Drinking, gambling,  and the list goes on and on. I believe that abortion is a sin also.  Just as a person has a drinking problem, he of  she has to go to the Lord to end it. We have to pray to end abortion.

  The Bible  tells us  to  “Pick up the cross and follow him.”  I ask you to pray and  go to the S.B.A. and  these other fine groups. Send congress a message to vote  NO for abortion and support the Stupak/ Pitts Amendment!  This is Right For Life For October.  Will you pick up you cross if asked by Jesus to stop Abortion?

Thank you.


National Chain Of Life-

Pro-life Catholics-


Democrats For Life Of America



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  1. Dear reader-

    The senate is now going over the nation health care bill. The bill still has taxpayer money that will go for abortions. The Stupak Measure was defeated in the senate this pass week.

    Sen. Ben Nelson of NE. State threaten along with Congressman Stupak to not vote for the bill because of the abortion issue and rights to end a life in the coming weeks.

    This writer agrees. We don’t want our tax money used for abortions or the government telling us who is fit to live or die. That is Socialist and wrong! We don’t need Darwin/Hitler type thinking in our great nation. Call Congress like I did and say no to ‘OBAMACARE’ before its too late to do something! Good for Congressman Stupak and Senator Ben Nelson. We need more good Democrats like this!

    The U.S. Congress –

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