I found this interesting story on Glenn Beck’s web blog called “Taking On Acorn.” You the group, cheat in last years election and have tax shelters for those who engage in immoral stuff. Congress has cut off funds  to Acorn and an investigation has begun.  The leader of this group  has even said in public that the tapes were fixed and violated the constitution.  Pardon me  lady, but, Isn’t ripping off the government,  (that being us  the honest workers and taxpayers),  a crime?

   As a conservative Democrat, good for Glenn Beck! He has the guts to address this as the other media networks  ( LIBERAL) covers ups what is going on and where YOUR tax money is going. We  have to rid our government of dirt such as this as its making a laughing stock of our whole nation! See his report below and watch Glenn’s show every day 4 P.M. Central time. We need more such as Glenn Beck who will expose  groups out there  such as Acorn!




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    Please sign this petition to tell Obama to cut off Acorn now! We don’t need this type of stuff hidden under a good department as HUD. Sign today!

    Robert Jones


  2. dear mr. jones

    i agree. with you and glenn beck. the government is on a so-called roll to control what we say or do. they don’t like what some say. so what do they do? quiet them. According to the Kudrow Report, the economy is weak and the dollar is less. we have to cut taxes and go with job growth! that is jobs-jobs-jobs!

    -proud american

    • Dear Proud-

      I agree. As I see this the dollar is deflation now. The market is life support. That is printing money just to print. Run up debt!

      This writer feels as you do that we have to sell off the bank under government and cut taxes. Obama, in my opinion is lost on this! I like Kudlow’s Report also. Very much on the facts.

      Robert Jones

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