Dear reader-


    I heard on Fox  News that the President Of Iran is going to New York City to address the United Nations in coming weeks. This has upset many who feel that this should not happen. I agree and here is why for three reasons:

  In this writer’s opinion,  “I’m a nut job” should not be here as he hates Israel and want to  rid the world of the Jewish faith there. He hates the United States and what we stand for. He would cut our throats in a minute if given a chance. He is building a bomb and is lying about the fact.

  I believe he should not be here due to the fact we have to help Israel as they are a block in the Middle East  ( as the Brits were in World War II ) and  can get information we need but can’t get. This don’t  look good for other countries who are our friends. They depend on us for the facts and we of them. Why we have the C.I.A.  Even selling out to this “dirt bag” the position of the Jewish State to Palestine is wrong and show weakness to the world!

  Finally the President Of Iran should stay out of America and is proven to be a danger to us and the world. Roosevelt would not let Hitler here to give a dangerous speech and Obama should not have this person in the United States today. He is dangerous and a threat in the long run. He is no friend of America or any thoughtful countries  out there! Obama should know better than that.



  1. Dear readers-

    In regards to homosexual marriages, my state Illinois is gearing up to include this. At the moment, it is illegal. If the Libs get back in, I believe gay marriage will become law. Mass State, Vermont, and Iowa have this now That is hard to believe.

    In this writer’s opinion, we have to work hard and say NO to same sex marriages and vote out those (Liberals) who feel we have to have this. NO WE DON’T! May we be reminded of what the Bible said about Homosexual behaviors and what happened next to those who practice that! MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN! That is it!

    Robert Jones

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