“Wisconsin Right to Life Ad Hitting Madison Surgery Center.”

Right For Life Group Hit With Strong Ads To Stop Abortions!

Madison, WI. September 10, 2009 (Lifenews.com)

   The Wisconsin Right  For Life is hitting the University Of Wisconsin Health Systems with ads due to the fact that the center wants to do late second trimester abortions.  The state failed to stop such  medical practices because  their governor favors such dealings under Liberal learnings.  We only have to look at Vermont State and their  liberal law on Same Sex marriages!  See link below.

   Back in May, the group ran an ad in the Wisconsin State Journal that uncovered  the late term abortion plan. They are repeating this again.  Tell patients to say NO and that their visits cover abortion there. Once again, abortion is wrong  in God’s eyes and a moral sin. Not to mention offensive  toward Catholic teachings.

  In this writer’s opinion, shame on Governor Doyle and the state for having this. We pro-life citizens have to let them know that they work for us, not the other way around. I advise the good people of Wisconsin to VOTE OUT any office holder who favors abortions in the 2010 elections! The  Wisconsin Right For Life is doing well to  keep the pressure on Governor Doyle who has been known for his misdeeds in the past with the abortion issue. It’s time to apply the breaks now!

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3 thoughts on ““Wisconsin Right to Life Ad Hitting Madison Surgery Center.”

  1. Chicago has a simular problem. A measure was passed to keep pro-life people 8 feet away from abortion centers. Blocking freedom of speech to others. This will go to court and now pending a date for a overturn.

    This writer opinion is, where is the freedom of speech? People have a rights here and just because others disgree, block them away. I hope it’s overturned A.S.A.P.! Oh I forgot, we are radicals who don’t know what we are talking about!

    Robert Jones

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