Dear reader-

   Interesting interview on the “Bill Cunningham Show ” On W.L.S. Radio A.M. (Sunday Nites at 11:30- 12:00 Midnights ) from a fellow Democrat who posted a blog regarding Obama not being true on his personal Information to date. If so should be held for it in court.  Some food for thought?  Here is the pointers of some interesting facts to date on the matter.

  Being pressed, will not give out information on date of birth or if he is a citizen. Will not give out any information on his years in college or his record of his grades. The media playing along with this scam?   What about Acorn and his election for President?  Why is his story changing so on NATIONAL HEALTH CARE or  “ObamaCare?”

  All this writer asks for a birth cert and his school records under the Freedom Of Information Act and the matter is dropped.  Show us the Documents and that is it Obama?  I am tried of this and want to put it behind us.  If I were to do this on a job application for example,  I would be fired or not hired for lies?  What is true or not true? We have a right to know as citizens.

 Is Obama using Falsehood:






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  1. I am tried of anyone who calls on Obama is a racist! That congressman was correct. Acorn, czars, and this national health care stuff is too much. Good for Joe Wilson for speaking up!

    • Dear Proud-

      I agree. Funny how this is so and when Obama’s friend, the “professor,” called a cop a racist, Obama defended him. Hum?……………. See this link below for a interesting comment on this from our frends G.O.P U.S.A. I agree. Even the singer Taylor Swift having the mic taken at an award show by a low life getto gang banger. Later gives a a poor “I am sorry” on Jay Leno. Its almost like, I am black and entitled to do this. Obama has to go! Common sense in starting in 2010!

      Thanks for visiting,
      Robert Jones


  2. Dear Seniors-

    DANGER! WATCH OUT! IF THIS SOCIALIST HEALTH CARE ( OBAMA CARE) GOSE THOUGH, WE WILL SEE A CUT IN MEDICARE PROGRAMS BY OVER 50%! I don’t know if Obama knows this, but the old people earned their Medicare coverage over the years by good honest work. Not this “spread the wealth” stuff or as I call Communist! I am not yet ready for Social Security but I want it when I am 65 years old!

    Tell you congressperson NO to any Socialist health care program and to leave Medicare alone. We don’t have COMMUNIST anything in the Good Old U.S.A!!!!

    Robert Jones

    see your congressperson here at

    http://www.congress.org VOTE NO TODAY!

    • To John (the Pham Guy)- Thanks and keep in touch!

      Robert Jones

  3. ‘NOT MY JOB.’

    Dear reader-

    I am writing in regards to that young man shot on the Southside. The parent now blames the Chicago P.D. for not acting. I ask, why don’t you take care of your children and keep them straght?

    As you and I know,it’s up to the parent to raise their child correct and keep tham out of trouble such as gangs and drug sale. We should not be held responible for their acts as taxpayers and to blame the Police all the time.

    In my state, gangs have moved into better areas such as Lake County. Bringing Drugs and gangs with them. Time to take a stand and tell Chicago keep them please. We don’t want that here! Take care of your kids and stop pushing them off on us or the Chicago P.D.!

    Robert L. Jones

  4. Jeanius claimed on September twenty, 2012

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