Got an e-mail from my friends at the S.B.A pro-life group regarding the Baucus bill (National health Care) with your tax dollars going to help abortions. At this time Congressman Stupak (D-MI.) is working on an amendment (Stupak-Pitts Amendment ) that would  not have our tax dollars for use for abortion in any way.  He said also that this will not pass unless abortion is removed as one of the measure in the bill.

  My friends, abortion is wrong.  Life is a right given to us, Jesus forgives and heals all, Lord forgive us and the nation, abortion kills children, abortion hurts women, and finally,  pray to end the acts of abortions in the United States! 


    The  deacon at my church spoke of sin last Saturday at mass and how dangerous it is. How it will be a meeting with the Devil in the end. He is correct.  Drinking, gambling,  and the list goes on and on. I believe that abortion is a sin also.  Just as a person has a drinking problem, he of  she has to go to the Lord to end it. We have to pray to end abortion.

  The Bible  tells us  to  “Pick up the cross and follow him.”  I ask you to pray and  go to the S.B.A. and  these other fine groups. Send congress a message to vote  NO for abortion and support the Stupak/ Pitts Amendment!  This is Right For Life For October.  Will you pick up you cross if asked by Jesus to stop Abortion?

Thank you.


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    I found this interesting story on Glenn Beck’s web blog called “Taking On Acorn.” You the group, cheat in last years election and have tax shelters for those who engage in immoral stuff. Congress has cut off funds  to Acorn and an investigation has begun.  The leader of this group  has even said in public that the tapes were fixed and violated the constitution.  Pardon me  lady, but, Isn’t ripping off the government,  (that being us  the honest workers and taxpayers),  a crime?

   As a conservative Democrat, good for Glenn Beck! He has the guts to address this as the other media networks  ( LIBERAL) covers ups what is going on and where YOUR tax money is going. We  have to rid our government of dirt such as this as its making a laughing stock of our whole nation! See his report below and watch Glenn’s show every day 4 P.M. Central time. We need more such as Glenn Beck who will expose  groups out there  such as Acorn!





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    I heard on Fox  News that the President Of Iran is going to New York City to address the United Nations in coming weeks. This has upset many who feel that this should not happen. I agree and here is why for three reasons:

  In this writer’s opinion,  “I’m a nut job” should not be here as he hates Israel and want to  rid the world of the Jewish faith there. He hates the United States and what we stand for. He would cut our throats in a minute if given a chance. He is building a bomb and is lying about the fact.

  I believe he should not be here due to the fact we have to help Israel as they are a block in the Middle East  ( as the Brits were in World War II ) and  can get information we need but can’t get. This don’t  look good for other countries who are our friends. They depend on us for the facts and we of them. Why we have the C.I.A.  Even selling out to this “dirt bag” the position of the Jewish State to Palestine is wrong and show weakness to the world!

  Finally the President Of Iran should stay out of America and is proven to be a danger to us and the world. Roosevelt would not let Hitler here to give a dangerous speech and Obama should not have this person in the United States today. He is dangerous and a threat in the long run. He is no friend of America or any thoughtful countries  out there! Obama should know better than that.

“Wisconsin Right to Life Ad Hitting Madison Surgery Center.”

Right For Life Group Hit With Strong Ads To Stop Abortions!

Madison, WI. September 10, 2009 (Lifenews.com)

   The Wisconsin Right  For Life is hitting the University Of Wisconsin Health Systems with ads due to the fact that the center wants to do late second trimester abortions.  The state failed to stop such  medical practices because  their governor favors such dealings under Liberal learnings.  We only have to look at Vermont State and their  liberal law on Same Sex marriages!  See link below.

   Back in May, the group ran an ad in the Wisconsin State Journal that uncovered  the late term abortion plan. They are repeating this again.  Tell patients to say NO and that their visits cover abortion there. Once again, abortion is wrong  in God’s eyes and a moral sin. Not to mention offensive  toward Catholic teachings.

  In this writer’s opinion, shame on Governor Doyle and the state for having this. We pro-life citizens have to let them know that they work for us, not the other way around. I advise the good people of Wisconsin to VOTE OUT any office holder who favors abortions in the 2010 elections! The  Wisconsin Right For Life is doing well to  keep the pressure on Governor Doyle who has been known for his misdeeds in the past with the abortion issue. It’s time to apply the breaks now!

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   Interesting interview on the “Bill Cunningham Show ” On W.L.S. Radio A.M. (Sunday Nites at 11:30- 12:00 Midnights ) from a fellow Democrat who posted a blog regarding Obama not being true on his personal Information to date. If so should be held for it in court.  Some food for thought?  Here is the pointers of some interesting facts to date on the matter.

  Being pressed, will not give out information on date of birth or if he is a citizen. Will not give out any information on his years in college or his record of his grades. The media playing along with this scam?   What about Acorn and his election for President?  Why is his story changing so on NATIONAL HEALTH CARE or  “ObamaCare?”

  All this writer asks for a birth cert and his school records under the Freedom Of Information Act and the matter is dropped.  Show us the Documents and that is it Obama?  I am tried of this and want to put it behind us.  If I were to do this on a job application for example,  I would be fired or not hired for lies?  What is true or not true? We have a right to know as citizens.

 Is Obama using Falsehood: