Dear reader-

   Imagine being 12 years old and pregnant and your mother encourage you to have an abortion.  Then  three years later spins into a deep depression because of this. Meanwhile her mom deals with the guilt she felt in forcing her daughter  to abort the baby. This is from the ” Christ  is Our Hope  Reader.” A true fact that happens everyday. Sorry to say.

   There is help. Rachel Vineyard.  They will help those who had a abortion gain spiritual help and to let them know there is help too.  The next  Rachel’s Vineyard’s Retreat will be September 18Th at 600 P.M. thu September 20Th at St Charles Borromeo Church In Romoville, IL.  The  $125.00 fee includes Lodging for two nights and meals. Please call 1886 99-4-give (4483)

   Of course, let continue the good fight to end abortion, late term abortion,  and close the abortion mills. This including full stem cell research.   Let the officials know that  abortion is wrong!   Christ is our hope!   See the page at www.rachelsvineyard.org

God bless.


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  1. ………….I am sure that they would also let a person in and the fee is a donation. If you go for just the meeting and the dinner.

    Robert Jones

  2. I got this from the Democrats For Life. See http://www.fastcheck.org to show that “Obama Care” dose indeed cover abortions using YOUR MONEY! Tell your congressperson NO to Socialist Medical Care today! NO to abortions/ full stem cell research of any kind!

    I am concerned due to the fact that I like America and what it stands for. I will not bend to dropping what the founders worked on so hard or the wars afterwards. Including the current war on terror and where the country is going. We don’t need socialist anything. Yes, Uncle Sam has a duty to protect us in war or if we are bad off. On a temp basis. We need less government otherwise not more!

    see http://www.congress.org to write your congressperson

  3. Dear friend-

    Go to the web page PREISTS FOR LIFE PAGE and see how they proform abortions. It’s appalling indeed. I read in the Chicago Tribune how that center in Aurora, Illinois has a raise in those who want to have abortions done. That is KILLING OF A HUMAN LIFE!

    We have to pray first to God that the trend ( and a sad one) will be reversed. Next, do our part by the all powerful vote. That Is Vote Out those who favor abortions Liberals and those Republicans!



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