Dear friends-

   Due to personal reasons,  we have ended our write-in for the U.S. Senate. Though we gave it the good fight,  the battle  has been brought to an end. I want to thanks all our friends and family for their help on this and the time put in.  It was a very good experience. Yes I am not happy but we have to go on for the good of the nation.

   The fight  don’t stop here however. I will continue to voice my opinion on the issues if the day and exercise my rights to our officials on our nation’s problems.   Pro -Life issues for example.

    I will put my vote and I hope you will also to elect Congressman MARK KIRKto the U.S. Senate in 2010! I feel we have to continue to follow the U.S.  rules of laws and that the liberals (Socialists) running are not “true Democrats.”

   Mark Kirk is a good man and will put the country first. He will fight for less government, less spending such as welfare, and better military. I also feel he will will work well across the aisle to get things done with fellow Conservatives or Liberals.

  Please make you vote for all conservative Democrats in your area and if not available, the Republican running for the job over the liberal.  The liberal don’t not have our interests in mind I am sad to say.


Keep up the good fight,

Robert L. Jones

Kirk For U.S. Senate -2010


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    The talk is that congress is thinking of cap and trade that will tax business on their products. In this writer’s opinion, NO to cap and trade! This taxation will be passed to us on products we buy. We have to have tax cuts to increase business and create jobs. That is my opinion. Not cap and trade that will kill any chance we hav to create jobs here at home!

    • Dear Rett-

      Thanks for the kind comments. I just fill in the spots not covered by Glenn Beck or Rush. What I hear and read in the papers. Keep in touch and the good fight!
      With respect,

      Robert Jones


        Dear friends-

        On that note , I see that Michele Bachmann a congresswoman from MN. State is on ‘Queen Nancy’s’ hit list for defeat. Hope you will go to her web site http://www.michelebachmann.com and give her your endorsement as I did as a conservative Democrat!

        With respect,

        Robert Jones
        Web master

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