I was asked not too long ago why we are at war? What the purpose is? Why Do I continue to support the war effort? I  was about myself and stepped back a little and gave my answer straight forward as possible.


  My friend,  I know ‘War is hell.” as President Truman once said.  We are at war due to the fact if the attacks of 09-11-01.  We have to support our citizen soldiers and win this war. We are at war due to the fact that its a Islam extremism that hate us and our free market society. They tried and failed to stop America. What they did do is  awaken AMERICAN MIGHT as What happened in World War I, World War II, and the Gulf War for example.

     Has we not acted when the Germans sank American ships in open waters The kaiser would have pushed though France, Belgium, and the rest and we would have lost by the time the Doe Boys  got there!

   Had we not acted when Hitler marched though all of Europe and almost England, we would had had our backs to the wall to face the Nazis, Soviets under Stalin, and Japan!

  I support the war because its the correct thing to do. We have to end the rein of terror and round up the people involved in the September 11  attacks. We have no other opinion. We cannot run. There is no hope it will go away.  Just as a low bully in the school yard, we have to face him or run as cowards.


  I also feel we have to get that soldier out. You may recall, he left on his own and is now a prisoner of war. The three travelers also.  they went on a trip to Iraq and guess at this point wandered into Iran. A strange ring to events of W.W.I? We may move forward with a answer or make excuse s  for deadly mistakes I always will say!


see the web page OPERATION HOMEFRONT.  Its about  the familes left behind while the citizen soldiers  goses to war. Very nice.







10 thoughts on “‘ WHY ARE WE AT WAR?’

  1. mr. jones

    good for you! I agree. too bad obama is busy being sorry for our deeds and not defending this nation. terrorist will not leave. we have to fight to the end against these nut cases! as a democrat too, i’m upset by all of this!!!!!!

    • Dear Blue Collar-

      Thanks! Someone has to stand for what’s right? I see for example that Sotomayor was put into the court. I see fellow Democrats (all ) voted for her. I would not have in this writer’s opinion. Her actions are very questionable.

      Keep in touch,
      Robert Jones

  2. I read this, and wondered why it was that for about 200 years the USA has had Muslim residents, and at least since Jefferson was President we have had some kind of relations with the Islamic nations.

    Then I realized, to my total dismay, that the Moral Majority and the religious right are neither moral, a majority, or right. But, considering the guarantee of the right to worship as we see fit, they are allowed to claim to be all the above.

    Your writer says we must end the reign of terror around the world. I AGREE. The USA, its corporations, and its armed forces MUST stop extorting labor and natural resources around the world, and we have to start paying a fair price for Chinese Labor, and Indonesian hardwood. IF and only if we do that, we can reasonably expect to live in peace and friendship with the rest of the world.

    Of Course, with the might of the US we can dominate by force..at least until those we dominate decide to DEMAND LIBERTY OR DEATH. Then, we lose it all.

    • Dear Ed-

      Thanks for writing. I disagree on your opinion on the Moral Majority. I don’t feel the government should tell a city hall they can’t fly the Southern flag or to say what they may have on the steps of such at Chirstmas.( THE BABY JESUS. ) That is wrong and Socialist.
      We don’t need Chinese anything. This is unbalanced in fair trade and this writer don’t believe in child labor for gym shoes. We have to regulate free trade or end it. Keep in touch.

      Robert Jones


    Why don’t Obama come clean on his birth certificate? There is a “claim ” he was born in HI. State but his mother was in L.A that year attending college. The far left is trying its best to cover this up! Just show us the birth cert. Obama????

    Robert Jones

  4. Obama should not try to brain wash our kids. Bad enought he can’t get this health care stuff though. he is now trying to corrupt our kids. To parents, don’t let you kids look at Obama’s speech and if in school, stay home and study! he is a communist and needs to be removed after a conservative victory!

  5. Dear Blue-

    He isn’t a true Democrat. I can say that. He has a known Communist on staff. If Obama is true to his word in respect, why hire on a Communist?? How many more are there? F.D.R. Is rolling in the grave I bet? That is when the Democrats were true. Food for thought.

    Keep in touch,
    Robert L. Jones


    Dear readers-

    Have a wonderful Labor Day! This is the day we rest and give thanks to the workers that go out for that check everyday to support their familes. To our friends of labor who protect our rights and wages starting with the Hay Market Riot in 1888. Put out a flag for Labor Day and for this coming 9-11 day!!! We can’t forget what and why we are at war. To rid terrorist!


    Robert L. Jones

  7. I agree. obama is selling us out.’ Nut Job’ should not be here. i feel obama is panning to the radical elements out there. as mr. jones points out he has commies thoughout his adminsitration. i hope huckelbee runs in 2012. i will vote for him.

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