Dear reader-

   Imagine being 12 years old and pregnant and your mother encourage you to have an abortion.  Then  three years later spins into a deep depression because of this. Meanwhile her mom deals with the guilt she felt in forcing her daughter  to abort the baby. This is from the ” Christ  is Our Hope  Reader.” A true fact that happens everyday. Sorry to say.

   There is help. Rachel Vineyard.  They will help those who had a abortion gain spiritual help and to let them know there is help too.  The next  Rachel’s Vineyard’s Retreat will be September 18Th at 600 P.M. thu September 20Th at St Charles Borromeo Church In Romoville, IL.  The  $125.00 fee includes Lodging for two nights and meals. Please call 1886 99-4-give (4483)

   Of course, let continue the good fight to end abortion, late term abortion,  and close the abortion mills. This including full stem cell research.   Let the officials know that  abortion is wrong!   Christ is our hope!   See the page at www.rachelsvineyard.org

God bless.


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National Center For Missing Children.

Dear reader-

   I find is upsetting regarding the youngster who vanished in 1991 and was found this week. The two kidnappers were arrested thank goodness. Here’s a web page that helps find lost children. Thanks to them, we have Amber Alerts that  helps the police departments before its too late for example. Nice work!



Dear friends-

   Due to personal reasons,  we have ended our write-in for the U.S. Senate. Though we gave it the good fight,  the battle  has been brought to an end. I want to thanks all our friends and family for their help on this and the time put in.  It was a very good experience. Yes I am not happy but we have to go on for the good of the nation.

   The fight  don’t stop here however. I will continue to voice my opinion on the issues if the day and exercise my rights to our officials on our nation’s problems.   Pro -Life issues for example.

    I will put my vote and I hope you will also to elect Congressman MARK KIRKto the U.S. Senate in 2010! I feel we have to continue to follow the U.S.  rules of laws and that the liberals (Socialists) running are not “true Democrats.”

   Mark Kirk is a good man and will put the country first. He will fight for less government, less spending such as welfare, and better military. I also feel he will will work well across the aisle to get things done with fellow Conservatives or Liberals.

  Please make you vote for all conservative Democrats in your area and if not available, the Republican running for the job over the liberal.  The liberal don’t not have our interests in mind I am sad to say.


Keep up the good fight,

Robert L. Jones

Kirk For U.S. Senate -2010



   I read this news story today from the Sunday Chicago Tribune Parade section . It tells about how 10 Billion, (that Billion with a B,) take mass transit every day. It also tells how this area is underfunded by the congress and that only $40 million of the $758 million is stalled due to “red tape.”

   This is appalling to this writer! We have to insure that not only are mass transit is safe but chemical plants, railroads that carry such products, railways and airports in general. We cannot get soft in take a blind eye.  I’m sure you agree. This will be a target of a terrorist if we don’t have our head in the game!

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 I was asked not too long ago why we are at war? What the purpose is? Why Do I continue to support the war effort? I  was about myself and stepped back a little and gave my answer straight forward as possible.


  My friend,  I know ‘War is hell.” as President Truman once said.  We are at war due to the fact if the attacks of 09-11-01.  We have to support our citizen soldiers and win this war. We are at war due to the fact that its a Islam extremism that hate us and our free market society. They tried and failed to stop America. What they did do is  awaken AMERICAN MIGHT as What happened in World War I, World War II, and the Gulf War for example.

     Has we not acted when the Germans sank American ships in open waters The kaiser would have pushed though France, Belgium, and the rest and we would have lost by the time the Doe Boys  got there!

   Had we not acted when Hitler marched though all of Europe and almost England, we would had had our backs to the wall to face the Nazis, Soviets under Stalin, and Japan!

  I support the war because its the correct thing to do. We have to end the rein of terror and round up the people involved in the September 11  attacks. We have no other opinion. We cannot run. There is no hope it will go away.  Just as a low bully in the school yard, we have to face him or run as cowards.


  I also feel we have to get that soldier out. You may recall, he left on his own and is now a prisoner of war. The three travelers also.  they went on a trip to Iraq and guess at this point wandered into Iran. A strange ring to events of W.W.I? We may move forward with a answer or make excuse s  for deadly mistakes I always will say!


see the web page OPERATION HOMEFRONT.  Its about  the familes left behind while the citizen soldiers  goses to war. Very nice.