Dear reader-

     As of no surprise, Congressman Mark Kirk announce that  he is going to run for U.S. Senate this coming election term. Making his case at his home in Kettleworth, Illinois. I have much respect for Congressman Kirk and feel he has served well as a Congressman and his career in the  Navy.  He will be  the Republicans candidate for the senate in 2010 in this writer’s opinion.

    I have some question I like to address  about his record however,  that the congressman and I feel different on, his stand being PROABORTION in the congress and I am not as a conservative Democrat.

  According   to “On The Issues.”  a pro abortion monitor, Kirk has a favorable record on abortion. As a Catholic I disagree with this wholehearted. This is wrong and in my opinion, killing a human life!  Included are some highlights:


Vote number 2007-020 -1-11-07


HR.-748 -4-27-08


    Sorry to say, the Liberals running are in the same boat on the issues of abortion as Congressman Kirk.  Not me however.   If your concerned about the rights of the unborn, vote for ROBERT JONES Write-in U.S. Senate in Illinois. On the Democratic Primary Ticket. PUT YOUR VOTE WERE ITS COUNTS!



See his record here at NARA to see for yourself @



Next,  a respectful look at Congressman Kirk’s record  on Cap And Trade under this heading. Stay tune!


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  1. Dear reader-

    As we know, the economy needs jobs not blockage of business to grow and create jobs. Once more, jobs equal more workers and health care insurance for more workers employed.

    Under this CAP AND TRADE BILL however, this will not happen. The government and their wisdom put restrictions on business. That means that the cost of a product will be passed on to you and me. For better or wrose. This writer feels the last part.

    To bad Congressman Kirk voted YES to this and used poor judgement in this writer’s opinion not able to see the big picture. That is, put Americans first. Why, I hope you the voter, if you care about jobs in the U.S.A and ending the FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS, Go with Robert Jones U.S. Senate Write- IN in the Spring of 2010!

    Thank you,

    Friends Of Robert Jones

    #see Congressman Kirk’s vote on this yourself below.

  2. Dear reader-

    See the story on Congressman Kirk’s Cap And Trade ducking here. PUT YOUR VOTE WERE ITS COUNTS, ROBERT JONES WRITE -IN U.S.SENATE ILLINOIS Conservative and the people’s Democrat!!!




    I read this from Putnam Investments. Unless something is done about retirement and jobs, Americans will not have enough to retire on. I agree. We have to take on the problems such this if we can move forward.

    The Government in this writer’s opinion is too much into our lives. In the car business, banking business, health care, or not giving us answers when called on the carpet such as Barney Franks a congressman. Who refuses to be questioned. Why? That is what our country is about. We have the rights to question our elected officials.

    The government has no business in our lives and no place in why we are Americans! I was e-mailed by a Liberal friend who shall be nameless, asking me “what planet I was from” in regards to health care?

    My answer was should the government be in health care business? What is next? Telling us when or where we may travel in the United States? Have a gun, or when a person is of no value to others and be “retired?” Death Panel?

    We have to only see what England today as what to expect if this passes. What about cuts in Medicare and illegals getting care? This not North Korea or China. Communist Nations.

    The founders never wanted this. why we had a war verse England to break away back in 1776. Later a Bill Of Rights to establish checks and balances in our system.

    Creeping Socialism has no place in our nation! We have to address the problems mentioned above now. Not go to extreme measures!

    Robert Jones

    see the link

    Putnam Investments
    Workplace 3.0

  4. Dear Readers-

    My Platform in short called the THREE E’S–

    E- ECONOMY Get the economy going Tax incentive to grow and create jobs that equal insurance care for familes.More made in America. Regulate the Free Trade or get rid of it. Get out of the auto business, stock market, and peoples’ lives.

    E- EDUCATION- Better education for students and make sure they learn and become better Americans to Europe. More affordable College. I know that now it tough. Our students are number one and should be given a chance over an illegal. (Just being open with you.)

    E -EVIL – Win the war on terror. Defeat the terrorists and make the United States a safe place to live with better boarder control. Regulate who comes in, watch our airports, chemical plants, and railroad systems. Keep Gitmo Bay open due to the fact the terrorist cannot be put under our court system with out being free. They are Prisoners of War! English first In America.

    As we know, the Liberals running are in the same boat as Congressman Kirk. Do you want more Liberals in Washington? Do you want a person who will put you, the voter first with common sense? Good ideas of what to do?( Being humble of course.) Do you want the government to dictate what you can do and where to go?


    2010 Democratic Primary


    This writer has respect for Corgressman Kirk. He is doing a good job. I feel that the Liberals running will be out matched and defeated very easy. This is the reason I am running.

    If we care about the United States, We cannot have the Liberals running a far Left program that will ruin America. Blue Dogs have to take a stand for what is right. For example Pro-life. As An American I Put America First!

    Thank You,
    Robert Jones

  6. Mark Kirk – Count Down to Un-election – Day 10 – Gun Control…

    Today I'm going to discuss Mark Kirk's ongoing assault on your God given right to defend yourself and your country and your country's sovereignty with firearms.  This entry will fully inform you as to why your right to keep and bear a….

    • Dear Razor-

      Thanks for the input. I hope that Dr. Robert Marshall who is pro-gun, pro-life, and conservative. I would vote for him over Kirk. I ask all in Illinois to vote for ROBERT MARSHALL in the Democratic primary and later in November if your concerned about guns, jobs, and winning this war. Not run! We will see.

      see Dr. Marshall’s page at:

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