Dear reader-

  Just in from the Chicago Sun Times in my state regarding parents having to be called on before a youngster has a abortion! This law passed the general assembly last week and was being challenged by the Civil Liberty group  and lost.

   In this writer’s opinion, good. It’s a small step but in the correct direction in regards to stopping abortions in our state. Nice work to conservative Pro-Life Democrats on this!  One the same story, what is going on with her ‘judgeship?’ Turning the story around on abortions, rights to own a gun, and using her own opinions to set laws?

     I hope this will make our senators see that this is a dangerous page we are on. We can stop her by not comfirming or watch our nation go up in a puff of smoke? This writer dose not want to see this happen as you don’t. Why we as citizens have to press our senators into action, just not sit there and nod their heads.  see www.congress.org


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    Please note, credit also gose to the Illinois Republicans also for joining in with us. Sorry about that.

    Robert Jones


    Dear readers-

    Not only will “OBAMACARE” bankrupt our nation, the Democrats For Life sent me an e-mail of abortion being part of the bill. That mean you ( THE MIDDLE CLASS) will pay health care for having abortion in the United States. No to national health care and NO to abortion in this bill! We have to end abortion by stopping those who think you and I are not paying attention!

    Robert Jones

    see Democrats For Life @

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