’95-10 Pro-Life Bill Important To Pass.’

   There is a bill now pending in congress called the  95-10 bill. This bill gives women second thoughts  to abortions by better education of caring for babies, care, and good health. I believe this is a good idea. I hope its passes now in subcommittee.  Please call on your member of congress and get this bill passed to help end abortion.   see more at www.democratsforlife.org  

Memebers of congress at



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  1. Dear reader-

    Please see the Susan B. Anthony (PRO-LIFE) website and tell congress to vote No on YOUR tax money going for abortions in the District Of Columbia.This is under call this Tuesday 07-07-09. See their page below and THANKS AGAIN FOR VISITING!

    With respect,

    Robert Jones
    Candidate For U.S. Senate Write -in Illinois Democrat


    Sorry to say, the senate confirmed her to the bench. She will replace a liberal judge retiring soon. We should remember this at election time and vote these people out who went Yes! In this writer’s opinion.

    see story here:

    msn.com news line.

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