I  have to comment on Obama’s Visit to the A.M.A. here in Chicago yesterday regarding his plan for a nation health care system. He was jeered at one point by doctor’s who opposed his idea. I can’t blame them. His  idea, in short, a single payer plan and those who have a HMO or a Blue Cross plan to keep such. This will keep costs down on prescriptions. Everyone get medical  care. No one is turned away.

   This is not going to work. In my opinion, we will see a system that will have people waiting in lines for care months perhaps if you need a treatment or a special doctor say for cancer treatment. Even say what prescriptions you may or may not take.

  The government can make you wait or dictate who you may see. Place  no limits on law  suits  on doctors who in turn have to up their fees! We only have to look at the system in England or Cananda  to see that this will not work. Where dose the illegals fit into this picture? Do we have to pay into care for those who are not citizens and don’t want to be?

  We don’t need the government in the doctor’s office or for that matter in our lives. in my opinion, SOCIALIST MEDICAL CARE  has no place in America and the government has no business in the medical field or any other business long term.  The answer is to keep Medicaid for those who need care and can’t afford to pay for such.  National Health Care, It will be a failure!


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