Dear readers-


   Do you  wonder what  is wrong in the senate? Run away spending, nothing being done with  the war on terror, and jobs here at home.  Why I am running for U.S. Senate as a Write -In as a conservative Democrat In Illinois! Put Americans first!

   I believe in being a good American. We cannot  sit on the hands.   Jobs  back in the United States. A strong defense to stop invaders as in Iran or Korea, and ending these dumb free trade agreements that hurt jobs and unions.  I am also pro-life.

  That is what I am about.  I also believe in direct talk.  No bull. Feel free to check out my blog and see how I feel on  the issues on various topics we face today.  See my home page.  I hope to have your vote for U.S. Senate in the Democratic Primary 2010!

Robert Jones (D)

U.S. Senate Candidate  (Write-IN) Illinois


P.S._ you will not see me giving a check to accept a position in anything. I go on merit values!


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  1. Dear friends-

    Robert is a conservative White Democrat from the Third Congressional District. He is running to put America back on track to the “good life” we are use to living. Unlike the other candidates, he feels that the time is now to address what is needed to get done. Not just “pan ” for names on paper. We hope to earn your vote this coming 2010 primary.

    Thank you,
    Friends for Robert Jones Committee.

  2. ………And God Bless too.


    See this web page called ‘Thank A Soldier.’ When you see one, thank him or her for their great service and freedom to our nation. Not only on the Fourth Of July, but year round.

    Thank you,
    Robert L. Jones


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