Dear readers-

     Here’s a good news story on the right to unionize, called the Employee Free Choice Act. This is when workers may organization a union in the work place without employer’s interferences.  As a Blue Collar worker, I agree on this. I worked in many factories that were in need or unions today!

See story:


Or Alen Specter And The free Choice Act.


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    Dear reader-

    I heard on Fox News yesterday that the auto industry will be “back on the feet soon and will be new and improved.” That is good being the government has a big stake in this and improvements have to be done to move ahead and create jobs.

    First, make a car that will be electric and get good mileage in travel. Japan has such and is being sold in the United States. Get away from Middle East oil and their heavy handed moves. Black mail with oil to get their way.

    Having jobs will create work and with work, health insurance for workers. Finally, the government has to get out of the auto and railroad industry. They have no business in private area and could be called Socialist otherwise.

    In this writer’s opinion the above ideas, build a better car, jobs, and health insurance will the key to the auto business. This may be a model for other American businesses to get on their feet in a hurry!

    -Robert Jones

  2. Dear reader-

    After some more study of this, have to get a NO vote on Card Check in its current form. I short, if a person voted, his or her vote would be recorded for all to see. (That is your employer.) They could say hum, Robert, Bill and Jill voted yes. Find a way to get rid of them!

    I believe it like a vote for president. Your vote should be kept that. Not for everyone to know. A better study would have to be made in order to get it to work once or if it gets though the congress.

    -Robert L. Jones

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