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   So being a pro-life person makes me a domestic terrorist? I am referring to Obama and his administration calling those who are pro-life terrorists. This writer thinks not and Obama should be made to give a retract on this comment.

    I am a  proud American and a family member  who is Army and will cerebrate Memorial Day this Monday. I am deeply offended by this and feel this shows what the Libs are all about. Controlling those who oppose far left wing extreme comments!

   Hum? As a Catholic,   I wonder? Is the  current Pope a terrorist? How about John Paul The Great?  How about the Catholic Church? Here’s a news flash. Over 65% oppose abortion and birth control. I guess both  mentioned are according to this administration and their wild ideas! Not to this writer!

   As an American, lets remember, that  not  network out there speaks of Obama and his friends such as the Rev. Wright(  a racist) and don’t forget his other buddy Bill Ayers( a terrorist and) friend of this president. I am a true blue American as you are too dear readers. I am sure you agree with me.

   As you, I fly the flag, wear a flag pin, my family believes in the American way. In short,  once again, if Obama  and his friends don’t like it here, go to North Korea or China and live as Socialists! (communists!)

   Some of us will honor the brave citizens  soldiers  who fought and died for God and country! We will work even harder to fight abortion! I will put more in this Sundays basket at Church too as a “Terrorist Catholic!”


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“Obama Calls pro-lifer terrorists”



www.aclj.org/TrailNotebook/ Read.aspx?ID=767




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  1. VOTE NOT TO JUDGE SOTOMAYER FOR SURPREME COURT! The last thing we need is a judge who make the laws and not follow it. We don’t need a pro-abortion judge!

    -Robert Jones

  2. Vote NO on Sotomayor! Ask yourself, do we want a judge who is a Catholic In Name Only? That is, PRO-ABORTION and would favor abortions in all events? Even in favor of LATE TERM ABORTIONS if this comes up before the court?

    Do we need a person on the bench who held back firefigters who took the firefigther’s test and passed, but were held back. Later this was overturned in that states supreme court? (A BIGOT?)

    In this writer’s opinion, We don’t need an UN-AMERICAN on the bench. Tell your senators to vote NO on Sotomayor on the bench before it’s to late to do anything about this!

    With concern,
    Robert Jones

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