Dear readers-

      Looks like another problem. Swine Flu  has returned and is going at full speed.  According to the American Medical Association, the problem is in Mexico and parts of Texas. I don’t remember this problem back when it hit in 1976 because I was much younger.  Can anything be done to stop this?

    As of now, Homeland Security has put a plan to not let those into our country if  they have the sickness. That is a good idea in this writer’s opinion. They are also trying to combat this problem with a cure.  We have to close the boarders  and not let people here in who can’t make this a serious problem here.

  In this writer’s opinion, keep your hands clean and if your sick, stay home and see a doctor fast. What to do otherwise of those here and the ones who will still go to Mexico with the attitude of ‘MEDIA HYPE?” We can hope this will run its course in due time. See msn.com for the full story.


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