Dear reader-

  Funny or maybe sad pending how you look at this that Hollywood today is pushing what this writer calls cultural hate in the products they make. That is motion pictures that are not only laced with sex and violent but a clash between the races. Hollywood should not promote this or feel they can justify their actions.

  As you may have seen for example and a good example I will use is the movie now showing called ‘ OBSESSIONS.’  The actors names are not important  here and this writer would not use this page as a promotion of trash acting or for that matter movie.  Rather to show my point of this story and the important message.

  I have seen the ads for this and read the outlines in the show sections of the papers.  It’s about two women one White and pretty and the other Black competing  for a Black man. This writer  feels this movie not only has a oozing of sex and violent but has the White girl as the villain? She is shown as a tramp who should know better or be a part of!

   In this writer’s opinion, the liberals are at it again. Of course they will try to hide behind groups such as the ACLU that will say its OK to have violent, rape, and sexual content even more on the screen. My opinion is this, pictures such as this only anger people and create better hate of each  other in real life! Whites  for example do not want this and never will.

  This is part of the reason we have riots and social upheavals in real life. Also to stand reason of  the libs and Hollywood once  against Senators who tried to end this and have peace in the United States not anarchy on the streets!

   Finally,  in this writer’s opinion, trash picture such as this should not be made. They promote only more deep hate and violent acts that we see every day in the papers and the news for example.  The libs feel that this many be in some strange way to “make up” for years past. This only creates only more hate and violent that we here in the good old U.S.A. happens to be too good for!



  1. 05-11-09

    Dear readers-

    What is this all about? A person can’t say what they feel because we have to be politicly correct? I am speaking of Miss America from CA. State and her possible removal due to her opinion of homosexual marriage. I have to weight in one this one.

    No. We live in America. We have a constitution that gives us freedom of speech here! This writer agrees with her. Homosexual marriage is wrong! God created man and woman only. This includes only man and woman in marriage.

    This writer also feels that I shouldn’t have to have this stuff pushed on me. There shouldn’t be any homosexual marriage and a law should be made to proclaim so.

    Do what you want. Your going to answer for it in the end. This is only moral sin in God’s eyes! This is WRONG and that is the bottom line!


    see http://www.msn.com for story.

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