“Blessed are you among woman and blessed is the fruit of your womb.”-Luke-1:42


Dear reader-

   As you know from my opinions, I am pro-life I don’t believe in abortion and never will. I feel that having Obama at Notre Dame U  graduation class is sending the wrong message to young people regarding life issues and should be turned away.  I feel this is the right thing to do.

   According to the Catholic Church, life begins at conception and to kill the life is a sin. (Catholic Church 2270-2273) This is  an moral obligation from day one. According to the booklet  New Prospectives-Abortion printed by the Catholic Church for example , day one of fertilization life begins, week 3 heart beats, week 8 Baby is kicking and fingerprints form, and 40 weeks there is birth.

   Abortion can be a sad event. A young couple get word that they are expecting. There is sadness and fear. God has the answer, PUT YOUR LIFE IN GOD’S HANDS. He has the answers. In God’s eye’s we have the courage to go with life.  Murder is Murder. Why go against God’s wishes? Over 60% of Americans are against abortions.  There are groups that can help you with adoption thought the Church, Crisis Pregnancy, and Catholic Charities.

   Finally, to my liberal friends out there on another blog who like to call the “Pope a fool” YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! As you are regarding Obama at the home of the Fighting Irish.  I too as a Catholic call on the President of the school be fired and those priest removed for supporting this position at that school!

See the Catholic radio Station www.relivantradio.comto sign a petition to stop Obama from attending the graduation class.


source- NEW PERSPECTIVES ABORTION -Catholic Church

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