Dear fellow citizen-

     The North Korean have failed on their attempts to  launch a rocket  that could, in time, have atomic weapons to use on Western  fronts. In this writer’s opinion, this shows a weak link,  if I may say, in our national security on two fronts. that is, the problems we face with Korea and Iran, and the closing of Gitmo Bay and unleashing terrorist elements into our streets. This has to be address now before its too late to do any thing!

  In this   writer’s opinion, we have to get tough on the Koreans and let them know we will not stand for any of this business. Putting even tougher economic might on them is the way to stop this or a little show of ” Gun boat diplomacy”to demonstrate to them we are serious about this matter. 

   Not paying  attention to the matter or hoping it will just go away will not work by the administration.  Otherwise we have  to  hit them in the pocket book as we a doing and “gun boat diplomacy” second or both to deter  the problem quickly.

  We cannot or should not close Gitmo Bay and let the terrorists out into the world. We are at war on terrorism like it or not. Don’t try to put a cover on it or call it a ” police action. ” Our Constitution will not apply to  these  terrorist elements and they will be let go.  This should be left to the military to decide and judged under the Geneva Convention policy.

    Nor should we let them onto our streets where they will go back to what they know best, KILLING AMERICANS! We shouldn’t trust any dictator  countries such as South America with the problem  either. They get very good treatment and three squares a day. They also can pray as they wish and exercise.

   Turning the back by the administration is dangerous also. This should be the first concern by Obama and the congress over all. National health care can wait! We will  not have to worry if we have to face the realism of a bomb on New York, LA. or Chicago, Illinois!

  As a citizen we have to be aware of what is going on in Europe and watch for signs of trouble. Closing Gitmo Bay or having  Korea threaten our national security is not acceptable.   We cannot or should not be walked over or blamed by the administration on other lands such as what happened in France.

   There is a  saying  used by Theodore Roosevelt of   ” Speak softly and carry a big stick ,and you will go far.”  I feel  this is very good advice.  T.R.’s  advice should be used  now  before its too late to do anything about it!

Robert Jones

Concerned citizen and conservative (Blue Dog ) Democrat


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  1. Dear readers-

    Well, I rest my case. The problem with that ship captain held by terrorists. Yes two bit terrorists. I am sorry to see the administration bending to these bums. Scared we may HURT THEIR FEELINGS?
    The answer is this, let the captain go, or you will be blown from the water! That is my opinion.

    Robert Jones

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