Watching C-Span yesterday, I was shocked but not surprised at how our government wants to give out more in order to add to the economy. When will this stop?

   In this writer’s opinion, we can’t give out money anytime an auto company has it hat in hand for example.   I sorry to say that we can’t afford it. We have to make cuts in spending and build up a surplus in due time.  We also have to once again, have equal trade with other countries and regulate or end free trade that is bad for America! Put strength to the dollar.

  Otherwise we will be into debt that our children’s children will have to pay. The answer I believe  as a conservative Democrat is  chapter 11 is the way go and to rebuild their organization. To get away from debtor’s such as China! 

  This is no better a person  who goes over the spending limit on their credit card then get another to do the same thing.  Reckless spending has to end for the good of our nation.  I feel the above should be be used to help solve this problem, we will see. Congressman Franks should know this!

Robert Jones



  1. Dear friends-

    Good for the anti-tax tea parties across the country today (Wednesday!) We as citizens have to take a stand to wasteful spending by Obama and the congress. I know I am mad as hell and will not take anymore of this! Keep the pressure on them!


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