Dear friend-

   WATCH OUT! THE ADMINISTRATION WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!  That is correct. Right now in Illinois, there is a bill pending that requires that a gun owner have insurance to use a gun in our state. That means the state, if this passes, can have high rates to pay in order  to discard gun ownership!  S tudy of  history say Russia for example, Stalin, Lenin, and the rest made sure after the Russian Revolution that all guns were out of citizen’s hands to stop a repeat. Get rid of the Czar and control the masses. That is what they did.

   In this writer’s opinion, I say NO Way!  This starts  a dangerous  beginning to a mass gun control and removal of your rights to have a gun.  Other states and the administration in all their wisdom are watching to see how far this will go?  if they can ” push the letter a bit.”

   A hunter will not go out for deer with a AK 47 gun or machine gun to hunt!  The U.S. Constitution states that a person has the rights to bear arms and have a good defense to guard our country.  That is  part  of what the founding fathers fought for in 1776.  That is your rights  and your freedom of being an American!

  I have no problems with gun locks or a three day wait for a back ground check.  None of these however is a good substitute for common sense and using  a gun. Reasonable laws  are  fair, taking  away the rights to bear arms will result in anarchy!  See the Illinois Conservative Democrat page at www.comeover.org/conservativedemocrats/ and read the web master’s opinion there. I agree 100%!


Robert Jones

Concerned citizen


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