Watching  Fox News today, I was appalled by the remarks of Speaker Of The House Pelosi  today in a home made video calling illegals “patriot Americans ” and those who back laws to stop illegals “UN-American?”  Excuse me, but as an American and fellow Democrat, should you do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE as a good American and an “elected ” Congresswoman?

    I seen a poll also on Lou Dobbs what stated that over 65% want laws to stop illegals and drug problems in Texas and other border states.   As a writer and candidate, I agree. We have to have strength on the boarders and stop the flow of illegals in the United States.  Destroy tunnels, and enforce the law in the books regarding this problem.

  Stats show that this is the reason for the drug problem  we face on the boarders and the problems with the drug cartels also. I feel that the police should be able to check a motorist to see if he or she is here illegal!  We are also opening the “flood gates ” if I may say to terrorist on our streets. I ask speaker Pelosi the question? WHAT IS SHE SMOKING? Get with the program lady!

Robert L. Jones

Democratic Candidate For U.S.  Senate Write -IN  (IL.)

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  1. Hi,
    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

    Thank you

  2. Dear friends-

    My dad heard on CNN News that the congress want to give student loans to illegals at a lower rate than an American Student? WHAT?

    We have to worry about Americans first! Once again, illegals have no rights in our country. Watch out! the libs are trying their best to take away your basic freedoms! What is your opinion?

    Robert Jones

  3. ………What about free medical? Do you know that if we went with across the board medical, people will stand in lines and not see a doctor for months as in England? That is true. Socialist medical don’t work!

    Robert L. Jones

  4. Nadine, I agree with you and Mr. Jones’ comments that the “Peloci must be smoking something”. When will the polititians listen to the American public and not what Larosa and Mexico wants to dictate to the U.S. Sad part is that Mexico WANTS these “scurg” of citizens to “be gone with you” out of their own country due to the fact the Mexican government cannot take care of these poor people that need medical help and a good education. Most can’t read or write and as you know…..according the their docterine and in Foxes own words, the only good Mexican is one educated and wealthy. There is no place for the poor and sick in our homeland.

    • Dear Mr. Burrows-

      Thanks, I agree. Something has to give. Obama is on the wrong track and is leading this nation to failure!

      Keep in touch,
      Robert Jones

  5. Dear reader-

    We better be awake my friends! I seen on Fox News, Glenn Beck Show that “Queen Nancy,” Obama, and Harry Reid wants to close Gitmo Bay. Give us a break! Terrorists can’t once agian be sentenced in our courts due to the fact they are not covered under our laws. They also want to stop those t.v. stations and those on blogs who disagree on their ( LIBS) opinions. We better wake up and see the libs are trying to control not only the air waves but how we live today!

    Robert Jones

    Robert Jones

  6. Watch and see if Obama takes away our rights to bear arms! He has this idea in mind and want to have a liberal take over. I will not!

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