Dear readers-

  I got an e-mail from the S.B.A. Pro-life Group regarding  Obama and his order to  change Pres. Bush stand on Stem Cell Research. I also read that this has to go though a 30 period of public opinion before hand.

   As a Catholic and a Democratic  Write  In Candidate For U.S. Senate, I feel that abortion is wrong. This is taking a human life  at birth or for experiments. This is what Hitler did with people with mental problems then went on to mass killings.

  I feel that abortion is wrong as life is life. I don’t agree on funding for any type of abortion or partical birth either. I do agree that hospitals or doctors who don’t wish to do abortion have the rights not to!   As a candidate, I will work very hard to end back alley abortions!


 Contact you Congressperson and Pres. Obama and say NO to stem cell research or abortions of any type! Let him know that just because he is president, he dose have to listen to what people want. Over 65% do not want or believe in abortions!



S.B.A. Group-





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  1. Dear readers-

    What about adult stem cells? I have no problem with that idea??

    Robert Jones

  2. Abortions are a fact of life now and that will probably never change. There are always scared, young girls with no where to turn (so they feel) and it is there only option. If there wasn’t sanitary condition for this, you would end up with more “back-alley” abortions. We have evolved from that, don’t you think. We don’t want to go back there.

    What about when someone is raped? Would you want tt live with the memory every day of your life? Even carrying the fetus for 9 months and then delivering it could have such a pyshcological impact on any woman.

    Walk a mile in their shoes before you just slam the door on abortion.

    Just my opinion.

    • Dear Bloggerbell-

      Thanks for your response. Rape or endanger to mother has nothing to do with this. Rape is a violation of self. Partical birth, hack shops, or using human life for experiments is not only murder, but a moral sin. As a Catholic and conservative Democrat, that is how I feel.

      Keep in touch,

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