Dear friend-

   WATCH OUT! THE ADMINISTRATION WANT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!  That is correct. Right now in Illinois, there is a bill pending that requires that a gun owner have insurance to use a gun in our state. That means the state, if this passes, can have high rates to pay in order  to discard gun ownership!  S tudy of  history say Russia for example, Stalin, Lenin, and the rest made sure after the Russian Revolution that all guns were out of citizen’s hands to stop a repeat. Get rid of the Czar and control the masses. That is what they did.

   In this writer’s opinion, I say NO Way!  This starts  a dangerous  beginning to a mass gun control and removal of your rights to have a gun.  Other states and the administration in all their wisdom are watching to see how far this will go?  if they can ” push the letter a bit.”

   A hunter will not go out for deer with a AK 47 gun or machine gun to hunt!  The U.S. Constitution states that a person has the rights to bear arms and have a good defense to guard our country.  That is  part  of what the founding fathers fought for in 1776.  That is your rights  and your freedom of being an American!

  I have no problems with gun locks or a three day wait for a back ground check.  None of these however is a good substitute for common sense and using  a gun. Reasonable laws  are  fair, taking  away the rights to bear arms will result in anarchy!  See the Illinois Conservative Democrat page at www.comeover.org/conservativedemocrats/ and read the web master’s opinion there. I agree 100%!


Robert Jones

Concerned citizen



  Watching  Fox News today, I was appalled by the remarks of Speaker Of The House Pelosi  today in a home made video calling illegals “patriot Americans ” and those who back laws to stop illegals “UN-American?”  Excuse me, but as an American and fellow Democrat, should you do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE as a good American and an “elected ” Congresswoman?

    I seen a poll also on Lou Dobbs what stated that over 65% want laws to stop illegals and drug problems in Texas and other border states.   As a writer and candidate, I agree. We have to have strength on the boarders and stop the flow of illegals in the United States.  Destroy tunnels, and enforce the law in the books regarding this problem.

  Stats show that this is the reason for the drug problem  we face on the boarders and the problems with the drug cartels also. I feel that the police should be able to check a motorist to see if he or she is here illegal!  We are also opening the “flood gates ” if I may say to terrorist on our streets. I ask speaker Pelosi the question? WHAT IS SHE SMOKING? Get with the program lady!

Robert L. Jones

Democratic Candidate For U.S.  Senate Write -IN  (IL.)


Dear readers-

  I got an e-mail from the S.B.A. Pro-life Group regarding  Obama and his order to  change Pres. Bush stand on Stem Cell Research. I also read that this has to go though a 30 period of public opinion before hand.

   As a Catholic and a Democratic  Write  In Candidate For U.S. Senate, I feel that abortion is wrong. This is taking a human life  at birth or for experiments. This is what Hitler did with people with mental problems then went on to mass killings.

  I feel that abortion is wrong as life is life. I don’t agree on funding for any type of abortion or partical birth either. I do agree that hospitals or doctors who don’t wish to do abortion have the rights not to!   As a candidate, I will work very hard to end back alley abortions!


 Contact you Congressperson and Pres. Obama and say NO to stem cell research or abortions of any type! Let him know that just because he is president, he dose have to listen to what people want. Over 65% do not want or believe in abortions!



S.B.A. Group-






 Interesting read from the DuPage Democrat Newletter regarding Sen. Durbin wanting to pass a pending bill to help homeowners from foreclosures. The bill would modify the terms of their mortgages. This  would cost taxpayers nothing and help familes save their homes. I agree with Sen. Durbin on helping familes.

  As a Catholic, this writer feels we can’t leave those in need in the learch. The government has the duty to help out as taxpayers.  This is why as good church goers, we have to follow God’s lead with this and job wise. Also  in regards to his rise on Easter! Remember, we reap what we sew my friends.

Robert Jones

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